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Did pot last night, kinda tired now
July 8, 2009, 7:00 am
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For the longest time I never understood the whole obsession with the ‘hot pot’ thing. I remember when I was younger we’d always joke like all the other initiates, ” oh oh oh wait you have to PAY and then you COOK YOUR OWN FOOD?!?! Bahahahahahahaha” The fact that hot pot prices were often 1.5 times+ the price of every day food as well didn’t help any at all. I think one time on a car trip I even thought of the perfect cash cow restaurant if I ever wanted to be come a restauranteur: a hot pot sushi joint. Two overpriced entities combined into one cash cow-ing package. Is that 2 forms of extortion?  …no just one big one.

I now understand after going through it many times that what makes hot pot hot pot is actually the quality of the food and the taste of the broth it is cooked in. Messing up either one of those parts would totally RUIN the experience. It wouldn’t be the same if the meat were safeway meat and veggies (though who’s to say that it isn’t – it tastes good enough though). Every piece of green I had was fresh and crisp and actually tasted like something I’d eat on a daily basis (I went vegetarian for a short while and I was the worst vegetarian ever; maybe that deserves it’s own short post). Each piece of meat tasted good – that’s all I can say about it. The broth was perfect too (though mine did get a bit sour at the end – I think it was the bean sprouts not sure though).
Not sure where I was going with this now but I had hot pot with a bunch of cool people last night till about midnight and now I’m kinda tired. Hot pot’s are good though because you have more control over creating a good quality meal. It’s also a bit more social since even if you are more of the introverted types someone will still ask you to pass something sooner or later. Honestly I still think they are a bit overpriced but a lot of things are in my opinion. If I got to bring my own ingredients though I’m not sure how much better I could do with pricing. If I was so good at it and wanted to walk the talk I’d have to start my own hot pot sushi restaurant. That would conflict with my other ideas though of having afforadable 20-something year old hostels in San Francisco that would combine low priced affordable housing for people getting established with a college like atmosphere.


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