The 3rd Dimension – So little to say and so much time!!!

Why the new place? A primer on “3D”
July 8, 2009, 7:00 am
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I already have a blog at – why would I want another one? Why couldn’t I just continue posting on my old one? I have a new one because I aim to shift my focus from the grand to the mundane. From the big questions to the small. From abstract blogs about concepts and such to just plain old observations and events in everyday life. For bringing a new view on reality after going up on my tippy toes and looking down at it – trying to see the bigger picture. For a more elaborate reason though read below:

Somewhere out there is a better world where the sun always shines, the grass is always green, and people in multicolored clothes dance around in big circles eternally happy for just being. As much as I wanted to be part of their world I realized that it wasn’t for me. Somewhere along the line you stand at the crossroads with all that you’ve known on one side and all that you are destined to be on the other. Some of us look on at the other side and realize they’re not ready to cross over into it just yet. Not ready to take command of their full potential. Not ready to give up all they have known and loved for their whole lives.

I think all of us yearn for the greatest but some of us are not strong enough yet to carry all that may come with it. Maybe we just want to spend a little more time here with all that makes us smile and laugh. The imperfect world which despite all it’s flaws is still the one you’d call home. The one that may hurt you, despise you, anger you, and do all sorts of nasty things which make you cry out for a better way. At the end of the day it’s still the same world you want to be a part of with the people you’ve known and loved. With the things you’ve enjoyed, forgotten, and come to enjoy again with time. Maybe we have taken things for granted and not been able to appreciate all that we have now – only realizing what you may lose if you’ve moved on. Maybe we want to stay and experience the same things still again and again – always gleaning new lessons and insights despite their repetition. Maybe one doesn’t want to look for treasure out in the unknown while there are still lots of gems here waiting to be picked.

There was a world I’ve explored in which people made the shift and became the greater part of themselves. They became enlightened, gifted, skilled, enigmatic, refined, priceless, god. A world where they’ve combined the best aspects of each of themselves and reformed it into a greater entity unimaginable. There are stories of people quitting their jobs, going off into the unknown, and achieving success wildly beyond anyone’s dreams. Still more of them go on to achieve connection with what they call the source and gain powers deemed paranormal by normal beings. Some who are attuned to the higher realities constantly shift between this one and theirs – able to manipulate the everyday matter of our reality – as if they were masters of the game of life. Winners of reality – given the keys to unlocking the nature of reality itself.

These people have mastered reality so well that they’ve created a sort of rift between themselves and the rest of us. I’ve wanted to walk in their footsteps and I’ve tried on their shoes. I walked a short distance though before realizing that the boot didn’t fit. I was not ready to walk that path yet. As much as I wanted to be where they were I realized I needed to win the battle before I could win the war. There were still many things I left lying around and I just couldn’t make a blind rush towards the finish line to absolve them all. I guess sometimes you have to go through the motions – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can’t have spiritual actualization until you master the reality you are currently in. I don’t want to master the world yet by learning how to detatch from it and master it. I still want to experience things for what they are and not tell myself  ‘life is just a journey it will all be over soon.’  Some of us still want to play the game and get absorbed by it – to treat it as if it were real – to use our power to make it so.  I still want to be abnormally rich. I still want to have the company of the most beautiful women. I still want recognition, prestige, and the ego trappings that come with it. I still want the pleasures of food, drink, and flesh. I still want the imperfect reality. The one where we all live in now. As I’ve learned you cannot run away from what you truly want. You can’t hide from the truth. You can’t deny where you are –  The 3rd dimension.


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