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The Great Fake and Potato Company
July 24, 2009, 7:00 am
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So recently the Great Steak and Potato Company has recently decided to switch from their premium Peanut Oil to Soybean Oil for their fries. In the words of the immortal Frank:   “F*ckers…”.


I feel this is a VERY grave error for the company as they have just taken down the one flagship product they are known for (and it’s not the cheesesteaks those were always bad compared to authetntic Philly’s with the peppers and greasy beef). We might as well have Mrs. Field’s stop selling cookies and Round Table pizza go into gasoline! I can’t believe they joined the “soybean” oil bandwagon probably in the name of economic value – pfft. Soybean oil will kill us all!!!

Dr. Mercola was nice enough to collect all the arguments against Soy in one neat tidy package for us – thx:

He would probably not approve of my French Fry habit – and it’s true I admit – it’s not healthy for you at all. I don’t eat them as much as I used to in college (read: every day) so when I do have them I try to make sure they are cooked in the healthiest oils possible (and if you think it’s canola, soy, etc… then you should know that if you are sheep then you will be led to the slaughter). Know your fats! Knowledge is power! G I JOoOOoOOoOOEEeeeee

Oh yeah where was I – yes – another one of my critical opinions regarding a company. You know this internet thing is great – I’ve criticized quite a few things and have gotten e-mails back with rebuttals. That’s the great thing about the internet these days – you can’t hide your b*llshit from the public any longer. Everything is revealed and thus everything is in a sense truer than it was before. In fact I won’t try to hide my cussing habit so I will just black out the first vowel on every cuss word for political correctness haha. We all know what I’m really saying though so cut the crap and let’s get on with it.

In a way I should be thankful for their switch. Maybe this time I will once again break my fry habit for good (I went for a number of months about 5 without eating a single fry during my “worst vegetarian” phase.) Or even better the competition has knocked itself out for me! What could be better?! Now I can open my own real fast food organic restaurants serving only traditionally cooked food and take home the monopoly on real food on this planet. Shame to you soy and corn people who take over other countries with your farm subsidies. Shame to you for making food cost more in the nation’s it’s best produced in by forcing the United States to grow the food export just to force them into economic submission so we can spread our fap all over their fertile lands – leaving us with useless soy and corn products instead of real food. F*ck you all!


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As lame as it is to leave a comment on your OWN blog – I could not resist. This essay NAILS outright reasons why saturated fats are healthy and polyunsaturateds are poison. Read and draw your own conclusions. Not all that glitters is gold.

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