The 3rd Dimension – So little to say and so much time!!!

August 12, 2009, 7:00 am
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So I cut my hair a few days back since I’m done finding out who I am. I had Taco Bell again for like the 9th night (non consecutive) over the last 3 weeks. First the ground beef and then moving on to juicy steak. I’ve also started playing Diablo II Median XL mod for most of the night for the past 2 months. Just like how things used to be. And I’m regressing. And I’m happy. My introspective time was not a waste at all though – I took a lot of useful things back while dumping out all the junk. Now I’m back where I was but all the better for it. Kind of like in a game where you visit one area, power up in 4000 harder areas, and then come back to where you started just to pwn everything :-).

I don’t feel like doing anything at the moment – just feel like enjoying what is. And speaking of what is I’ve started trying meditations upon waking up and trying to sleep again. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to do it but it feels good and it helps with the sleep so there. Besides if I pull it off right I can almost slip straight into semi lucid-dream mode which is pretty cool since I don’t have to “try” as hard. I found a really great down to earth no lotus sh*t explanation of why people meditate and how it is useful. Click the below and scroll down to chapter 1 and read it: (read the chapter 1 part)

So you’re too lazy to read chapter 1 I figured you were. Why should we meditate then? Because in my own interpretation of chapter 1 it helps us break the cycle of joy and sorrow. We always want to have fun but we find the party always ends eventually. No matter how much we try to cling onto happiness and joy they eventually always slip away from us.  Fun events are tragic for me because I know when time passes – and time passes faster for me – they will come to an end. Everything starts and ends – I am faced with the futility of trying to stop change and the passage of time – truths of our universe. Thus by meditating we can learn to appreciate life when we are not having a good time. We can learn to detatch ourselves from always needing “good” events to feel like our lives are “good”. We are always so dependent and attached to being secure and having more but no matter how much we have and how much we appreciate how much we have and how much more we get it is NEVER ENOUGH. Thus it is yet another chinese finger trap concept at play – the more we cling to what we deem good the more we suffer. By learning to release our tendency to label event a as a “good thing” and event b as a “bad thing” do we come closer to merging into the underlying TRUE love and joy that makes up the fabric of life. Happiness is always our end because in truth pure love and happiness is the underlying force that materializes our world into a form we call 3rd dimension. If you don’t believe me read about the people who have near death experiences or meditate to the point in which they have full body orgasms and incomprehensible joy.  Somehow full body orgasm is our underlying truth – probably explains our society’s fixation on sex which is like having taco bell when we could have the whole enchilada :-). A philosopher once rebutted that chasing after a sheer emotion alone makes for a very inconsequential life. I’d be prone to agree after reading David Hawkins’ power vs force book where he describes the only state transcending full body orgasm is – peace. Being at peace. Which I guess is the prime state you are trying to accomplish in meditation – peace – just to be. No more worryign about x, y, z, no more full body orgasms no more joy no more suffering just what I call “whiting out” and peace. Not all of us want to white out life though so thus we are here with our steak double decker supremes with lava sauce.

I think my explanation kinda sucked and is wordy though without any real clarification so go read chapter 1 from that link above. It makes sense.


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