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The life of a nerd IS hard
September 10, 2009, 7:00 am
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A friend of mine was quoted with saying the following. The life of a nerd is hard. D&D till 3AM, Magic the Gathering till 4AM etc…  And that’s not even the half of it! Also gotta squeeze in time for Garry’s Mod for Half Life 2, Diablo 2 Median XL Mod for Diablo 2, Trolling ebay and craigslist for all sorts of nerdy things such as magic cards, pogs, legos, d&d miniatures, spare cheap salvage computer parts, hot pot dinners and other various events, going out for food, etc ad infinitum. No wonder I never seem to get any sleep.
It was a big contrast to Memorial dayish a while back in which I wasn’t really in touch with anything so I just slept at the ungodly hour of 9 PM. Back of the dive back into 3rd dimension I guess was getting in touch with all of the silly little things again for the time being to appreciate them for what they are. Now I’ll be lucky to get to sleep before 1 cause the life of a nerd is hard.

Speaking of that I’m also a geek in many random facets of life. One of them might be legos. I cleaned a bunch of legos in my collection last night. I actually studied through forums everyone elses advice on washing the building blocks and came up with a procedure that has worked well for me so far:

1) Buy those laundry mesh bags at a linen or bedroom store (ie bed bath & beyond) to hold all your legos

2) Get some automatic dishwasing detergent with no bleach (so colors won’t fade) – Trader Joe’s 3.49 crap works fine and has no bleach no x no y etc…

3) Get some old generic bucket from somewhere and clean it out in the tub

4) Put legos to wash in mesh bag (no sticker pieces or minifigs). Stickers will come off – minifigs will FADE – the horror! Sensitive pieces also should not be put in (though I did put lego car and spaceship windshields along with “painted pieces” and from my testing had no problem with them). Don’t be dumb and keep electronic lego parts out of the bag plx. Electronics are hand scrub only I hear.

5) Put mesh bag with legos in bucket

6) Put bucket near tub or sink or someplace you can fill up with hot water.

7) Make hot water solution hot enough that you can touch it without scalding. Quoting thineself from my raw food geekiness days I found a simple mind trick to get water below 105 degrees F. The human hand is accustomed to feel pain from heat once temperature goes above 115 degrees F. Vitamins and Minerals from food also deplete to near nothing once you reach the 115 degree mark (exactly the same temperature!). Thus the human body comes equipped to know how hot food can become before it becomes depleted of all it’s life giving essences and becomes plastic. The human body feels pain at exactly the same point in which foods lose all their nutrition. This raw food geek fact helps us clean legos as well since we want water that is hot enough without scalding pain and maybe a few degrees below to hit 105 F. In short – put 105 F water in bucket

8) Put automatic dishwaster detergent in bucket with the legos. The water should be submerging 95% of the legos. Since legos float some will always float and you’ll need to do some mixing every so often. How much detergent? One forum post says 1 teas (or was it tablespoon) per gallon. I don’t have the eye or patience for exact measures so I’ll give you my take on it. Soap is more often dangerous than the dirt soap is trying to get rid of so less is more. On the other hand 1 teaspooon seemed like a real wussy amount so put in enough to sprinkel saturate the top layer of the water and turn it slightly not watery looking. For the engineers out there this was about 6 tablespoons for those big paint buckets that go up to your knees. If you put in too much and your legos + face melt don’t QQ (cry) to me in forums plx. As a side note though I tested like 8 pieces in an oversaturated detergent solution ( enugh that powdered flakes were all over the bottom) and nothing really bad happened after 3 hours to the brix.

9) Mix it up and let legos sit in the solution for 15 minutes (yes I do believe soap is more harmful than the constitutents it is made to clean).

10) ::15 mins later:: dump out solution and replace with 3x the amount in fresh water. Rinse the mesh bag with the legos thoroughly in the clean water! With the small saturation time and enough water + rinsing all the soap should be gone. From my experience I still have my hands to type this so this rinsing process was sufficient.

11) Leave legos in bag with the water to rinse with for about 25 minutes just to be safe.

12) ::25 mins later:: dump out water and do a final rinse under running water if you want (I didn’t).

13)  So 40 minutes have passed and the legos are now disinfected as such. Most things should’ve been dead in the first 4 seconds. If anything survived that 15 minute soap wash it is evolutionarily more potent than you and deserved to kill you. Shake the mesh bag to take out all the loose water droplets

14) After not much water drips out of mesh bag dump all legos onto a beach towel.

15) Hang your mesh bag on a towel rack to air dry – you’ll need it later!

16) Wrap up beach towel and take it ouside to the yard or garage or wherever you have space and lay it on the ground (outdoors preferred). Let dry for 2 hours. I did mine from 7pm to 9pm at night. Pref outside for that natural airy goodness. If you live in a hot place more the better – I don’t and it still worked.

17) 2 hours later most of the legos should be completely dry. The towel should be just moist. Wrap and take upstairs. Dump all legos now into dry mesh bag.

— 18 and beyond —

At this point 90% of the legos will be completely dry. Some will have slight condensation. If you have any “composite” pieces (blocks joined together) you will have to dry it in your room overnight in the mesh bag. Preferrably place near to computer or other heat generating device for general dehydration goodness.

(6 hours later)

After some sleep all the single pieces are bone dry. Composite pieces are dry but have some water in the middle when disjointed. Since this is teh lazy guide just leave them in your room while you go off to work and even these should be dry by the time you get back in 9 hours.

The legos I tried this on had very slight amounst of dirt. If you have ones crusted in hard dust and cigar smoke you may need to soak for longer. Any pieces with grime I found I could wipe off easily with a towel after the 15 minute detergent wash. There you have it

And yeah that was only a small part of the crap I have to live with day in and day out :-). Let’s take another nerdy geeky example: inflation of the dollar.

Go visit and fill your brain with some horrifying facts such as did you know since 20 years + the value of the dollar has dropped by half?

Let’s get even more horrifying – Did you know that in 4 years any money you got in 2005 is only worth 90% of its’ value in 2009? Made 1$ in 2005?  Nope sorry you only have 90 cents now in 2009. Doesn’t seem like much but multiply it to a more realistic estimate:

Had 10,000$ in savings in 2005? Como estan btches!!! You only have 9,000$ now in 2009. Did your money value get cockblocked? Meh – more like cockrocked! Enjoy your 10% value raping courtesy of our friends at the Fed and the US government for their secret taxation through inflation! Now you know where all their play money comes from! From your pockets!

Anyways this goes to show what they’ve said and has been proven true. The life of a nerd is hard.