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This is for the “G’s”
December 17, 2009, 7:00 am
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With all the correspondance I get from my friends I found a lot of them ( most actually ) use gmail accounts. In fact between gmail and yahoo and AOL I think I may be the only remaining person I know who uses comcast e-mail. Why do I do it? I guess if you get crap shovelled down your throat long enough you start liking it. In retrospect though comcast was a great ISP but the last 3 years they have really tumbled downhill (along with a short stint near the end of 08 and early 09 where the email couldn’t be accessed and service would cut out once a day). They’ve gotten better again so I guess someone out there’s listening šŸ˜€ Then again an ISP which DESTROYS the link to get to your e-mail inbox when you have projects is a bit wtf’ish in my book. Because of the changes non hardcore computer users pretty much were not able to open up comcast e-mail until they completed development on SmartZone. That’s like living in your house one day then having the city evict you in the middle of the night, board it up, and tell you that you can never go back in again until they are done remodeling the entire house for no practical reason. Anyway on to the topic…

I just found out I had a gmail account. Actually while gmail was still in beta. Actually like in 5 years ago. This one’s for the G’s!

Gmail Team

to me

show details 11/2/04

First off, welcome. And thanks for opening a Gmail account. We hope that Gmail will become something you use everyday.

Gmail is different from other types of email, so we put together some information to help you get started. But you’re probably eager to start playing around with your new account, so we’ll keep it short. (After all, you can always come back to this email laterā€”just search for it.)

  • Check out our Getting Started guide. It’ll introduce you to many of Gmail’s features.
  • Visit our Help Center to search for answers, browse frequently asked questions, and learn about the cool things you can do with Gmail.
  • Import your contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, and others to Gmail. Email your friends to tell them your brand new Gmail address.

You may also have noticed some text ads or related links to the right of this message. They’re placed there in the same way that ads are placed alongside Google search results and, through our AdSense program, on content pages across the web. The matching of ads to content in your Gmail messages is performed entirely by computers; never by people. Because the ads and links are matched to information that is of interest to you, we hope you’ll find them relevant and useful.

We’re working hard during our limited test to improve Gmail and make it the best webmail service around. Thanks for taking the plunge with us. We hope you enjoy Google’s approach to email.

The Gmail Team

P.S. You can sign in to your account any time by visiting


Yep that was a g-mail “welcome” letter from November 2004 – way back before it was cool or even public methinks. This is great it’s like opening up a time capsule. Well more like a capsule you bought at a dollar store put nothing in and buried in your backyard so some far off civilization thousands of years from now can laugh at how sorry your life was :-P. I rather actually enjoy my life very much thank yous.


Industrialization and the Secrets of “Silicone” Valley
December 1, 2009, 7:00 am
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The past few weekends I have been working on a new hobby – industrialization. Typically I’ve been making customized molds in an attempt to create things with my WTF sludge that I’ve chemically refined over the last 3 or 4 blog postings. The jar of wtf sludge in the garage needs to be utilized somehow – eh? I’ve tried many moldmaking mediums – gelatin, clay, sand, plaster of paris, silly putty, modified moldmaking gelatin rubber and I have had marginal results with most of these right up until my new golden boy – Silicone Rubber. Silicone rubber is the composition of that newfangled baking pan you see at the baking aisle of most stores. You’ve probably seen it before – it’s the plastic looking muffin pan that sells for 12$ when there is a metal one next to it for 4$. The prices for silicone molds themselves are equally atrocious – 4$ for a small handheld mold of a watermelon. What gives???

I decided to investigate by making my own Silicone Rubber molds. A quick googling of the stuff made me realize the first barrier to entry – cost. Silicone rubber is some expensive stuff – around 20 – 30$ per lb! No wonder those damned one time Zzzz molds are 6$ apiece. Regardless of this fact I had a 40% off coupon from Michael’s art shops so I bought a pack of Aluminite’s Amazing Mold Putty for 12$. The putty is food grade so I can make chocolate and cookie molds of whatever twisted creation I decide to pull off. Quick note, only some silicone rubber mold putties are food grade so don’t go killing yourself with non food grade ones. Anyway the putty is excellent and I highly recommend it. It is the best moldmaker by far out of all the other options available. The degree of reproductive copying is uncanny. My first test was to make a chocolate 40 tooth Lego gear – Mmmmm – mechanical engineering in Chocolate.

I haven’t casted chocolate yet – that’s a story for another day – but the reproductive detail captured in the mold was very satisfactory. I saw all the gear teeth and holes and such come out though I had to stick in some last second putty from the top to seal some of the holes fully. On second thought now I’m considering 40 tooth gear shortbread cookies – Mmmm. I’ll just tell people these are “Danish” cookies (cause Lego’s are indeed made in Denmark). The sheep will note the unusual Danish shape, think “oh those crazy danes!”, and om nom it. The people in the know will nod their head and smile as they chow down on a piece of manifest master engineering.

So assuming this all goes well and my hands don’t burn off beforehand I will be making a foray into “Silicone Valley”. That reminds me – I was going to write a short epic story novel thing entitled “The secrets of Silicon valley” but I’ve lost the chi to pull it through. The story would be inspired by my days in computer science, the many people I knew from families with tech backgrounds, and the Paul Graham articles on starting your own tech startup – highly recommended articles by the way even if you are not a techno. They give you an inner glimpse of why things are the way they are in the valley. Genius. Oh also my experiences regarding looking for a job in tech and my classes back in college. The story would not be about those topics in general but I’ve been in the tech paradigm long enough to get a general idea of how these people live. My experiences in the past have given me an image of the tech world that is half sensationalist and half reality – the perfect blend of truth and fiction – the fuel for movies. I think it’s not the life for me but it sure makes for some great epic reading and/or moviemaking!

Anyways the crux of the story would go like this: It’d be a narrative or whatever fancy word er story maybe like pulp fiction with 3 parallel lives or maybe focusing on 1 and then panning on the other 2 every so often. One person would be a established tech exec in his late 40’s who works 25 hours a day who did it all just for the money, another would be a budding megagenius techie fetishist maybe 18-24 yrs old wanting to make it big but is a social outcast and generally off kilter with mainstream society who no one takes seriously at all, and the third would be a senior tech maybe retired like 50yrs+ who likes his career and who has raised a typical american family with kids around their mid 20’s. These characters would be all male since that’s the perspective I’m writing it from and the perspective I understand the tech world from. Most techies are male- the female perspective would be radically different anyway and I couldn’t write to something I haven’t experienced.

The first guy is married to a pretty trophy-ish wife where she is neglected because of his career and slightly abused/damaged because of all the stresses placed onto her by the bs overflowing from her husbands life. The couple have no kids but live nicely in a fairly large manor house in a rich neighborhood somewhere out there. On the outside they look like they have everything but on the inside they are both living in an ironic sort of hell where the more you have actually translates into having less sanity. The husband constantly is overworked at the office and at home right afterwards with nary a moment to spare. The abandoned wife feels forlorn and helpless and usually cheats and sees other men secretly to give her some sort of meaning to life. Many scenes of the husband abusing the wife verbally and then after a mad fit going back to his home office to sit in front of the computer for another 12 hours while businesspeople and VC’s constantly call and pester him. The wife picking out pretty dressesĀ  and trying them out in the mirror before sneaking out to a date with some unknown man off a personal’s ad. Both afraid and ignorant of the truth of who and what they are – unhappy. The poster couple for American consumerist culture – if you have me then you’ll be happy! – right??? They are rich but on the other hand they are struggling to make ends meet in regards to their well being.

The second guy is a teenage kid with a knack for every technology. He’s owned and programmed and hacked just about everything tech has to offer. He has 4,340 posts on the techie forums and 19 stars by his name. His alias has achieved “legendary” status in the online world. Behind the glossy LCD screen he is a master and God of his own making. On the outside of the screen in our reality though he is a disheveled young frail teenage outcast who lives in a typical meh family. He spends his days – no matter how sunny they are – hacking up a new open source driver or programming and calculating the anti anti derivatives of n for a new game encryption algorithm. Everyone at school thinks he is weird though and he really doesn’t have any friends save for one or two acquaintances who are also into tech but even find him a bit too much to handle. He is probably a total stereotypical nerd but more of a Seattle grunge look rather than total wuss. No one is going to push him aroundĀ  because he doesn’t exist in their eyes. He is like pigeons in the park on a warm sunny day – they are just background noise to that hot girl you’re checking out on the grass. His family doesn’t understand him and leaves him be. He only works at his part time minimally to keep the internet connection up. He has ideas that could revolutionize society – algorithms which can beat our modern mathematical problems. Too bad he doesn’t believe in himself either. He’ll choose to retreat to the online reality where he is loved and appreciated. The fortunes and affections he reaps though are all electronic – in the world outside the chip he has nothing to show for it all. If someone could only understand him and put him in a rightful placeĀ  in the real world then we may know a technological breakthrough that will ensure everything is never the same ever again. The answers to many of our problems are staring us right in the face – in the eyes of a misunderstood boy who no one understands. Until we realize this fact we will always look for something right in front of us. The multinational corporate/mili-industrial quasi etc system which is set up to foster competition and scarcity will always make sure he’s on the bottom rung.

The third guy would be an elder in the world of tech. He liked it when he was younger enough to go through with it until retirement – a very rare occurence to stay in one tech company for your entire career. He’s moved up the ladder at his job being one of the core people (not important but not neglected maybe middle tech management or applications) and married his high school sweetheart early on. They’ve had a family who are now in the mid 20’s – the age of definition and becoming. Due to the man’s exposure to technology and all things radical he is very progressive and left leaning in his thoughts and teachings. His family is very “conscious” and eats organic foods and saves the whales and such. As a consequence to their success they’ve all lived a somewhat sheltered life somewhere in the boonies a bit further away from the cities and suburbs than most – maybe the outer edge of the suburbs. His challenge now is fitting himself and his family into a world which is not as progressive and forward as he is. He’ll probably have 2 or three kids of both sexes. His son is handsome but has trouble understanding why the world is not as excited as he is about intellectual pursuits. He goes through many hollow girlfriends who don’t share his passion for conscious living and critical thinking. He wonders why the world is the way it is and why people are willing to accept it as is.Ā  His daughter is very pretty but also has a similar air of innocence about her in which men constantly trick and take advantage of her to fulfill their own lusts over acquiring a beautiful daughter of a tech magnate. She’s the proverbial sheep thrown into the wolves den or whatever they call it. To her the world is perfect and ideal and once again perfect but the people around her only want to drag her into their own lives to fill in a void only they themselves can fill. The wife of this family feels somewhat left out since she’s a typical American lady who doesn’t care too much about technology and such. She is progressive but at the same time regressive – she sees technology as a fact of life and not a fetish. She’s well enough to think on her feet but human enough to feel and intuit her way through life. Their neighbors are the mirror image of them – successful, with children; a similar family but raised in a strict religious fundamentalist setting. This family does what they please on Sunday while the other family is off to church and then to the social meet afterwards sponsored by the Christian fundamentalist group. See their heated debates when they both take out their trash at the same time and start judging each other on the way they live their lives. See them argue about who is the controller at the helm – God or Man. This man of the house has to manage this melting pot of belief systems and deal with the dramas his family members bring into his life. Dramas which are spawned of a modern time – ones in which he has no idea how to deal with such. Will he have the character to brave these new waters or will he crumble to the backtides of a progressive wave? How far forward do you have to go before you are finally where you should be? Is it enough to be yourself or must you be a bit of who you are not to finally be at peace?

This narrative techno-drama will show us the nature of the beast. How technology seperates us from the truth of nature and Gaia and the world of the natural order. Every person in this story has a tension in their lives – the tension of being seperated from an aspect of God which is nature. I wanted to write this narrative because of the sudden rise of many pure fetish technologists who suddenly have taken up interests in yoga, meditating, rock climbing, hiking, etc… It is like they are trying to inflate a part of themselves that has been killed when they plugged into the box with all it’s electromagnetic radiation. The part of them which thinks the world can be conquered through reason, thought, and brute force computation alone without the need of art, instinct, and the soul factors of consciousness. Though these are high concepts too abstract to understand this “disconnect from nature” shows in their lives as the constant tension and uneasiness of peace that misbalance brings. The failed relationships, the never happy syndrome, the loss of confidence, the feelings of confusion and ungroundedness. The same tension which drives us to do wild animalistic and violent things. The same tension we re-enact every day of our lives because we believe we are born to suffer and born to die to a world with no sense and reason. Everyone’s got a bone to pick and everyone has a pill to swallow. There will be intense car chase scenes with guns, people running away from everything, and explosions and destruction galore. The very end of the movie will have the credits roll with “Pepper” from the Butthole Surfers playing as the theme song – the only thing being that the song will start on the following verse. A verse which perfectly wraps up and conveys the effect technology and the lust for realization has on our beings:

… and some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain

that is pouring like an avalanche, coming down the mountain…