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7th Heaven – The New Craps Betting System!
January 4, 2010, 7:00 am
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Update Oct 2011: Man this is a horrible system I’ve come a long way! Old post below


I’m still working on this blog post so I just posted early and I’ll finish up later. Basically I’ve been playing a lot of Craps lately back when I was in Vegas and on the final night I decided to write down the rudiments of a betting system I’ve had in my head. Take it as you will since I’ve only learned how to play a few weeks ago.


Never play craps at night – you get tired and lose focus
To roll consistently you need to have all gears running – usually in the morning when refreshed
and unaffected by the karma of the previous day.

The worst enemy of any craps player is an inconsistent and totally randomly spread roller. At least someone who always rolls bad has a pattern you can exploit by betting against them with don’t passes and lays. The worst is someone who can’t pin any number or pattern in their rolls. Consistency is the friend of the player and the enemy of the house. The game of craps sets up it’s advantage for the casino by exploting the statistical difficulty of getting consistency and having the same event run x times in a row. If you think about it the Pass bet once you hit the point requires you to hit the same number again (in a way hitting the same number in a row twice – even if not consecutively). The longer it takes to make the point the more volatility you introduce into the system. The ideal situation for a player always consists of having the player pull off an event x times in a row. For example on the come out roll you want to roll 7 or 11’s in a row as many times as possible. Once the point is established the ideal situation is to roll the point on the very next roll (making it a 2 times in a row roll). Thus the people you want to bet on are the ones who can create the most consistency in their rolls and pull off the same event (any event) multiple times in a row.

7th Heaven Betting System
Assume 5$ Table Minimum

Come out roll:
Bet 10$ on Pass Line
Bet 2$ on Craps as Insurance

Set up dice in all 7’s position
Freeze one die side – find the complement of the other side of the top to equal 7
Once this happens rotate the 2nd die until the side facing you also equals 7
i.e. First die top side is 5 – find a 2 and make that the top side on the 2nd die
Look at the sides facing you now – rotate the 2nd die like a top until you find
the side that makes both sides facing you equal 7
If you do this right all 4 faces and the side face should equal 7
Roll dice and try to spam 7’s and 11’s. If you win a 7 don’t reset the Craps bet
Craps bet is only there because I’ve noticed snake eyes or 3 comes up quite often in all 7’s position

Once point is established:
Bet insurance by laying odds (Lay Bets) on the On value.
Do not do this if the point is 6 – 6 comes up a lot – risk it on 6
Put a dollar down on hard 6, 8, and 10. Hard 6 should come up often
Set up dice in 3 V position if point is 6 or 8, Set up dice in 2 V or 2’s on the outside for any other point
If point is 4 or 10 put a dollar down on hard 4 maybe also

Making money in 7th Heaven is not about hitting the point. It’s about hitting lots of 7/11 on the come out and
hitting lots of hard ways once the point is established. Hard ways seem to come up a lot, especially on the 3 V
position if aiming for a 6 or 8 point. If point is 4,5,9,10 maybe just don’t do hard ways and take the hit
on the pass and lay bets which cancel each other with a little loss.

Once crap out happens at the worst case you should only lose 2$ from craps insurance and 3$ from the hard way for a loss
of 5$ on the roll. This is nullified by hitting at least one 7/11 on the come out or 1 of the hard ways on the
point roll.

Maybe try using 3V’s and betting on hard ways for all points or if a non 6 8 point 3V and put place bets on 6 and 8
minimums. Don’t recommend place bets though as they lose a lot if they never hit. Stick with the plan in 7th heaven,
money from hard ways and 7/11 on the come out rolls.

The main moneymaker in 7th heaven should be the come out roll to make 7’s.  7 is statistically the most probably result. Also when
you set dice in the all 7’s positions if you are a good controlled dice roller you should be able to really make
a killing as this is in my opinion the most powerful dice set.


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