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0 Days to Vegas – D Day
July 18, 2010, 7:00 am
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I never thought this day would come but yet I saw it coming a long way off. I’m almost ready to leave just packing things. Still can’t believe today’s the day though!

3 Days to Vegas – The Last Bastion
July 15, 2010, 7:00 am
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About a week ago I got fed up once again with the business of women and The Game. I decided that when I got to Vegas I would “force the hand of fate” per se. In that I mean that I would no longer wait for life to throw another opportunity my way – I will start creating them. Not only that – I will start forcing opportunities where none existed. I would jump into The Game and stop caring about playing it well or even playing within the rules at all – I would just play.

The very next morning a wonderous event happened – I stumbled upon “The Book of Pook”. As if life received the energy of my intent and decided to send a helper along to guide me in my journey. Kind of like in the 2010 version of “Clash of the Titans” in which Perseus dedicates himself to facing his fate even though it is fated for death. In response to this dedication Zeus gives him a little token to help him on his way. The section right before the 15 lessons section that starts off the book comes with this line which describes the very intent of this work:

“Foresight teaches gently; error teaches brutally”

Thus I now had the book’s Wisdom to aid me in my playing of The Game. Most lessons in life cannot be read; they must be experienced. There are some lessons though which can be learned through another’s wisdom which will let you avoid grinding through the same series of mistakes that other explorers have made in the past. It’s like reading Wowwiki for tips on boss fights for WoW. Sure you can go ahead yourself and find out the hard way but foresight teaches much more gently than wiping your entire raid group multiple times.

The book has been an excellent mentor in the fundamentals of The Game. It outlines the true foundations for success – not just a bunch of shallow techniques which become outdated in a few months. Most importantly though it asks the questions no other work on the matter has ever asked – why? What is it all for? We get so caught up in the seductive details that we get lost to the entire purpose of the act. My reason was always simple and according to the book essentialy a sentence to death. I wanted to work on myself to improve better quality women in my life – women of a much higher caliber than normal. So I did it for the Women – and that according to the book is the path to sure destruction. Why? Because once you’ve won then you no longer have any real dreams. This is a topic I’ve hinted at in previous blog posts but I never grasped in my head until now. Getting the girl of your dreams is a shallow victory at best – and even after that the standard only goes up and up and up. You have a dream and once you get it you go for something loftier – never really being satisfied except for the few minutes in which your ego allows drops of happiness to course through your system before it makes new demands. This is why I was never a serious WoW player for example – once you achieve the top gear and such a new tier of it comes out. A never ending cycle of dissatisfaction with only a few moments of happiness intertwined within it. Honestly I was getting that much happiness out of my life long before I decided to question the nature and reality of life.

One of the highly recommended sections to read is the 15 rules (for starters) at the beginning and Amorphisms near the end of the book. Amorphisms really asks the big questions and I never had a book help me tap into areas of “primal fear” until now. If you’ve ever wanted a metric ton anvil of bro-truth dropped on your head all in one swipe stop reading this now and google up the book! This book will help de-program long standing limiting belief systems within yourself and help you see not only your errors but why they exist and what you can do about them. I cannot say enough about this book – it should be required reading for all men in college or something.

As time counts down to only a handful of days remaining I can’t help but think… Trying to have a high caliber woman in my life is truly my ‘Last Bastion’ before utter oblivion. Looking back at my past writings and experiences I see the common thread that unites it all. I never wanted to change – I always thought I was perfect – I always thought I was up to par until I’d meet that really great girl and she’d always say No. If my assessment of myself were truly accurate I should be getting everything I want out of life and not just bits and pieces. It was only now that I found out that only women had the power to change me. My desire for women would be the last bastion on that road which reminds me of who I was fated to be. Every rejection would help further refine and shape me to become closer to the truth of my own being. If I pass this bastion running forward without turning back to change my ways could it be that I will have given up my last dream at knowing who I am? Passing this bastion would mean I’ll have to create my own from the dirt itself as Pook suggests. Instead of a Bastion of women maybe a bastion of dreams fulfilled. The problem is though that I no longer have any dreams. I no longer have any passions. All this talk of wanting to start a business and wanting to change the world would all eventually get swept up by the tides of time and contentment with the world. One by one I’d let go of dream after dream content to settle into the shadow of it’s mediocrity. Women are the last big dream – if I give that up too what kind of man would I become truly? Inside of myself I always felt like I was meant for something greater than what I saw myself to be. If I ignore the last bastion and give up the dream though would I be able to decipher the mystery of my being?

I don’t know what the future holds but for now I see the last bastion and I want to turn back. Turn back all the limited belief systems and social programming that have suppressed my own true nature so I may know the truth about myself and have inner peace. To be congruent in with nature once again. To turn back now is to have to play The Game. At this point only through The Game can I rebuild my model of reality. The last bastion is an important once since even though it’s all about women the repercussions of choosing the right path will echo into the whole of my waking life.

6 Days to Vegas – When the Student is Ready the Master Appears
July 12, 2010, 7:00 am
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I am busily absorbing teachings from “The Book of Pook” (google it up) – one of the most revolutionary consciousness-raising personal development books I have ever read. The channeled style of this writing almost seems to be given from a far off intelligence that transcends ours. Here are a few quotes I’ve stumbled upon so far I’d put more stuff down but I’m busy reading the ~2-3 hundred page monstrosity.


Every woman to me is a portal of discovery. They are all emissaries of Nature, delivering you news on how life works. To many men, anything is easier, from nuclear physics to climbing the tips of mountains, than dealing with a woman he truly loves. Why? With her, he will be unable to hide from himself.

Self explanatory – women know all of our weak points long before we do. Not only that they will pick at them, press at them, and turn them inside out to see how many hooks we have available for them to control. The best men are fully conscious people with no weak points to prod at – the worst men can be wholly controlled just through their weak points alone.


Here we encounter the most popular fiction in our era, “Having a woman equals success with women.” It is not considered sufficient that we be successful in our own dreams and goals; we must have a woman no matter what. Nor is it sufficient that we pick the woman we want; no, we must always have a woman, even the most mediocre one, else people question our ‘manhood’. It is not enough for one to develop his faculties for physical, intellectual, creative life; he must, above all, have a woman. This fiction defines a Man as anything having a woman, thus keeping males forever mediocre.

Having a woman does not make you a man – and not having one doesn’t make you less of a man. Somehow in our society we’ve grown accustomed to needing to “complete” ourselves by always having a woman by our side. Women are the result of completion though and not the means to achieve it according to this great work. I wholeheartedly agree as this is a similar conclusion to what I have come up with after reading a lot of other related material.


Mind: “The finest philosophies will get us the women.”

Nature: “You bore me. Unleash me.”

Funny little quote I found very amusing. Reminds me of my earlier blog post “Secrets of Silicone Valley” where the main premise for the movie running around in my head at that time was man’s disconnect from nature itself. These lines and the dialog that follow it in, “The Book of Pook” illustrate the severity of how most men have lost their connection to their true natures.

If you couldn’t tell earlier I wholeheartedly recommend this read. Probably one of the greatest and most value filled books of all time. Even if you are satisfied with your life it is worth reading just to see if you’ve missed any spots. Google it up!

8 Days to Vegas – The Nature of the Beast
July 10, 2010, 7:00 am
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The epic trip has been moved forward a bit and made much more epic – that’s why the countdown has incremented. Anyway time for another thought…

Some of life’s most interesting reflections come at the times you least expect them. This morning the aquarium eel was being fed. This eel is a strange creature – I rarely see it come out of the rocks so I don’t know much about it. When we first got it all I remember about the eel was it had a cute head and it had the dimensions of a #2 school pencil. Every so often I’d see it slither around from 1 rock to another slowly – getting a peek of it’s sleek body between gaps in the rocks. Sometimes it’d be even bold enough to stick it’s head out from one of the rocks and just kind of float there with it’s mouth calmly opening and closing in some sort of zen satisfaction. Besides these small glimpses though these are all I ever saw of the beast. Thus the image of the eel I formed in my mind became ingrained – it was a pencil thing snake with a zen-like propensity for moving it’s mouth.

As time went by I’d often hear talk in the other room regarding, “Nooo you’re feeding the eel too much! Stop that!”. I’d go look for the eel and I’d see it there between the rocks as usual – the same as before – lurking and relaxing. I didn’t think much of it. Months went by with more of the same only this time the talk became more urgent, “The eel is getting too large – stop feeding it – it will eat all the other fish!” I went down to the aquarium again and saw the same old eel – relaxing in the rocks – not a care in the world. It still looked about the same when I glanced between the rocks so I didn’t think much of this overfeeding business. I just thought everyone was projecting their own thoughts or being unusually paranoid about overfeeding. Every morning the eel was fed though and every morning things looked just about the same.

I was told by numerous people that eel’s shouldn’t be fed more than once a week. Apparently news reached the aquarium and after a while it was decided that they would stop feeding the eel every day. We were going to space out it’s meals for every 3 to 4 days to start and see what would happen. I hadn’t seen the eel for awhile since this decision was made but I assumed it would be the same routine as always. So I didn’t care – not until today.

Today the eel hasn’t been fed for 4 days. A small sliver of food was being lowered down into the aquarium to feed the eel. What I saw next totally destroyed my once quaint and relaxed image of the eel forever. The eel had grown large from feeding – much larger – it looked like a miniature sea snake now about 150% longer and 300% thicker. What shocked me even moreso was the fact that it was no longer lurking in the rocks. It was now in full open view of the aquarium – it’s body in a majestic S curl shape. If that wasn’t enough for me already my once happy and pencil thin friend shocked me into the beast it had grown into. It started lunging at the food, aggressively, with bold quick strokes. The eel’s fatty external layers seemed to betray the well muscled internals lurking beneath. The eel was attacking the food relentlessly. The other fish were hiding in the rocks afraid to meet it’s wrath. The eel’s once happy 🙂 face with it’s mouth opening and closing in total bliss was replaced with a look of utter determination and savagery. The food was being torn to shreds while the eel danced around the aquarium in a very rare display of aggression. I was fascinated and scared at the same time. What I once thought the eel to be personified; a nice guy with a happy demeanor; that was replaced now with the eel being a savage warrior of the depths – bold and reckless. Desperation had switched on the nature of the beast lurking in the eel.

Somehow in the back of my mind it seemed like desperation had turned the eel on to it’s true nature. I always thought it unnatural that a sea snake would just lazily roll around the rocks without a care in the world. I now saw the truth of it’s existence – I now saw the true nature of the beast.

After this incident I stared at the other fish in the aquarium and watched them swim around and compete for morsels of food dropping from the top of the tank. As they were feeding them I told the feeder, “don’t feed them too much now – they know how to survive in the wild – giving them this much food is unnatural for them.” I now joined the chorus of people wanting the feeding to stop. Why did I say this? Because I have seen the nature of the beast and now I cannot turn back. The fish seemed more alive – aggressive – determined – excited – focused – in the zone when daily feedings were abolished. The aquarium now seemed like a real entity with real life inside it – not some dead display of idle fish and sea creatures milling about.

Somehow in this instant as a passing thought I imagined I was a woman. For some reason this display of life turned me on. Attraction wasn’t created by seeing idle creatures roaming about happily – it was created by demonstrations of courage, daring, and aggression – the traits of primal man – the traits our biological attraction mechanisms are rooted in. Women do not want boring men who are satisfied with themselves in some sort of spiritual bliss – they want the men who dance and dare to push the envelope of life itself. They want men living their true nature and that true nature of the beast is not unleashed without challenges and drama. Conflict breeds courage – courage breeds attractiveness. Is this the cornerstone of life itself as a man?

As these thoughts ran around my head I thought back to The Game and the intricate dance of human attraction and mating. The Game was man’s soul consciousness answer to the questions it faced about the laws of nature. Why are women only attracted to alpha males to the point in which they’d rather have 1% of an alpha male over 110% of a beta male? Why do women constantly test their partners unconsciously? Why have women developed an almost psychic keenness regarding being able to instantly read a man’s fears and insecurities? Why are more than 90%  of man’s sperm designed solely for the purpose of killing other sperm and not impregnating? How can we ever have a just and fair society if the evolutionary building blocks of our makeup are mired in competition and violence? How can man cope with it’s nature as both god and beast combined?

I look back at the aquarium and see the fish swimming around lively in the water. They look much more attuned now that they have had a taste of failure. I like to think many of the ills in this world revolve around the failure to understand one basic concept – that life is inherently unfair. That’s right – life is NOT fair. And maybe it is better this way. I constantly think of a world in which everyone got whatever they wanted at a drop of a hat without having to work for it. Is this really a better world? Or would we all just be lying idle all over the ground in constant orgasmic bliss basking in our perfection? Would this be what we really want? It seems like a boring world for me if I was born into a world where I instantly got everything – all the money I needed, all the women I wanted, loved beyond all desire. And I really think this is a higher truth of our existence beyond that which we can comprehend with most human senses. But for us now – reading this – stuck on our floating rock hurling listlessly through space I wonder… I wonder if we are defined not by our success but by our failures. I wonder if we only gain peace and true  satisfaction with life when we are not given what we want but have to pull it down from the trees of the garden. I look back at all my failures with women and start to understand one thing that I never believed was true until now. It is not the having – but the getting.
Somewhere in a world away from ours I could see us having a perfect society that works. Unfortunately that is not the world for us though. The nature of our world is one of struggle and disparity. Despite hundreds of thousands of years of human achievements we have not found ways to make our world more fair without destroying our true nature in the process. The nature which makes people what they are at their best. That which women are most attracted to. Our most successful accomplishments were not born out of peace but out of strife. Maybe this is why we’ve all been put here. Out of the millions of majestic worlds that lay out in the infinite vastness of space that may be all more perfect than ours why have we been put on this one? Maybe it’s because we want to play the game. Yes – that’s the ticket. We want to play the game. Let’s play. 8 more days.

11 Days to Vegas – Echoes of the Game
July 4, 2010, 7:00 am
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This post is kinda long and the beginning part is a bit drawn out and only there for people who like detail written by people who can’t sleep at 4 AM.

New Year’s 2011 Revised edition – Updated Jan 4th, 2011

While the memory is still fresh I am apparently practicing for Vegas again. Fate threw in a surprise trip to Reno for the 4th of July weekend (with me driving back home on the actual 4th). Reno is kind of like Vegas’ unkempt rednecked cousin – not much to look at but she’s our rednecked unkempt cousin. Therefore we love her warts and all. I grew up alot in that place so it has a special place in my heart as well. Anyway it was a great opportunity so I decided to run with it even though we had other plans for the weekend. As it turns out the heart may be right once again.

Our story starts in the midway at Circus Circus – a mini carnival of sorts for the 21 and under guests with all sorts of games where you can win prizes. For this Reno trip since we were only going to be here for one full day (Sat, July 3) I decided to pack light and not bring the whole in-law of equipment I am planning for Vegas. No fancy clothes or accessories or any of that – just simple utilitarian relaxed clothes like my grey Quiksilver t-shirt and my Quiksilver cotton jacket. The exact gear I would sport while walking through the loud flashy halls of the midway.

I was just casually browsing the games on the way to another casino to play my table games when I saw it. I instantly fell in a sort of ambigious love with it. It was a green plush frog with 4 limbs. The 2 bottom limbs were perfectly shaped as if they’d wrap around someone’s neck perfectly. I know I’m a little too old for kids games now but I couldn’t refuse. I had to win the plush frog so I could have it around my neck!

The game’s premise looked simple enough – it was a Tic Tac Toe game. You had to throw 3 baseballs into a 3×3 grid and make a line. If you made a line down the middle you would get a medium prize instead of a small prize. Fortunately for me frog was a small prize which means I would only have to play once and win. Even better – the game was only a dollar! Given fate’s conspiracy I decided to play along. The first baseball bounces a bit then settles in the top left corner – perfect – good start. Next ball anywhere is good except the “dead spots” which would prevent a tic tac toe. *bounce bounce* top right corner – epic. I’m now dedicated to the inevitable fate – I need to get top middle. I concentrate intently, aim for the center square with some backspin. I hope that the force of the ball thrown forward will make the ball bounce off the middle square. The backspin will cancel out the forward force slowly making it weak enough to land in top middle. Like the butterfly knife incident in my last tale I concentrate, focus, and shoot. Amazingly it all goes according to plan! Almost too perfectly… Things fall into place and I now have a new froggy friend hugging my neck! Success! Little did I know this would only be the start of something greater than a energetically aligned plush frog.

As I continue walking through the midway on the way to another hotel to play some table games I notice something about my new froggy friend. He hasn’t got the arms to reach around the entire neck area nor the leverage to stay on top of my head. I play with a couple of setups until I find one that works out just right. The plush frog is now sitting on my left shoulder with one of it’s limbs running under the collar of my jacket. Thus it stays in place and I have a frog in place of a parrot. Yarr? I leave this casino and walk down the streets to another hotel with my newfound froggy friend.
On the streets people smile at my frog setup. A lot of random guys would often say the same thing to me almost as if it were dictated by some borg hive-minded intelligence. “Hey! You got a frog on your shoulder!!!” Thx for the obvious – now I know why many women say men are too boring and predictable. The ladies thought it was cute though and I was getting some good attention with my shoulder frog. I’d say the number of people who’d comment on the frog all night would be about 15% (about 60% men and 40% women). The other 85% would either pretend not to notice (most), smile (some), or lol to themselves (small minority). This statistic fact seems like a good time to sneak in an appropriate quote

<Sui88> 67% of girls are stupid
<V-girl> i belong with the other 13%

Anyway I finally make it to my favorite casino. Time to get on with the story

I was in Reno July 4th weekend and I met this girl. She was extremely attractive (could have been a model or something) and really down to earth. She worked at this particular casino. We talked for a while and I found out she’s about my age and at a similar point in life. Both around college to post-college age. I guess I’m attracted to intelligent women to start with so I became interested. We talk about some of that stuff and then I ask her stuff and we seem to connect and share similar viewpoints on things. More brownie points! Anyway I like her because she was a challenge. For one I was sporting a plush green frog on my left shoulder for most of the day. She didn’t think much of it at all. This was different and refreshing from how all the other women treated me around the casino. Almost every woman near the dance floors/bars/lounges wanted to play with the frog and would ask me numerous questions about it. They’d look at it or touch it or play around with it and every so often they’d display indicators of interest like touching my arm or stroking my neck as soon as they were done playing the frog. Unfortunately a large number of these women were 40 y/o+ cougars and I’m not into that demographic. A lot of the ones my age too I found amusing but I really couldn’t get it up for them. Somehow in my mind if someone is that easily swayed emotionally that they’d want to display way too obvious indicators of interest due to a green plush frog then I can’t help but lose a little respect for them. Like I totally understand the messages it gives off but still someone who runs on pure emotion and no reason is like a car without a driver. A plush green frog on your left shoulder shouldn’t instantly propel someone to rockstar status obviously – you need to know the person behind the facade too! In a twist of fate though it does have that rockstar effect.

Anyways back to her. She kept her cool and her distance though I am pretty sure why – she wasn’t interested in me at all. I was just some goofy fag with a plush green frog on his left shoulder. The frog also looks a bit too cutesy which didn’t really work in my favor. Which was fine back then anyway – I just thought she was cute and that was it. Cute is cheap – you tell your friends “oh hey bro there was this cute chick at so and so” and you forget 2 days later. It was only when we started having in depth conversations that my buttons were starting to get pushed. For example she didn’t go out too much and liked doing stuff I liked to do. Personality congruence I guess is a big plus for me.  She also seemed somewhat skeptical of things – someone who thinks and reasons and has some degree of consciousness – another big plus. I don’t think at this point in my life I could get along with people who are too sheeple and endorse the party line without independent thought. Did I mention she was also attractive to start with? That really gets the foot in the door for me (and most men) but unlike most men I don’t let the fact that someone is attractive score too many points. For many men it seems like just the fact that a woman is hot will not only get her foot in the door – but through the living room – up the stairs – and straight into the bedroom! I guess I’m not the type interested in one night stands and shallow relationships. I’m picky with who I get involved with because I guess I have high octane requirements for the depth of the relationship I want to be in.

Anyway we keep talking about stuff and connect on some other random things. The more I talk to her the more she seems to go from “cute” to “I really like you.” It was funny – I haven’t felt this way about any woman for a few years now ever since that disaster which happened in the last 25 days to Vegas blog post. It’s a really telling sign for me when you meet a woman and get to know her and she arouses you in more than the usual regions. She arouses you in the heart. As if some force of consciousness higher than us has it’s own set of qualities and traits it looks for in the opposite sex that make it’s ethereal woody get all hard. I guess this is why many men fall in love with women who are not classically considered “attractive” – it’s something higher and more pure than lust and primal attraction – it may be love. Or it may be desperation and lack of options – one never really knows about others – we only know most about ourselves. Anyway this is the type of relationship I want for myself – one built on a genuine connection. Sure like all men I want an attractive women and I want to play sex games all day but as I said earlier cute is cheap.

We’re having a great time and I’m really digging this girl. Unfortunately though she had to go.  Sure we’ve been playing  and talking for a while but this moment had to come sometime. I knew it would but I was having such a great time that somehow it completely caught me off guard. The times were changing – she was getting ready to go – she says her goodbyes – but like Neo said in the 3rd Matrix movie things were different this time. Usually when a cute girl leaves it’s eh cute girl oh well see you later. This time though I couldn’t let that happen – I was already starting to get a little too interested in her and I wanted to know more. I wanted to know one thing about her that would make her unattractive in my eyes. I really wished I knew one – just one –  thing that we didn’t agree on that would help deaden the attraction I was forming towards her. To destroy the image of herself she let me build in my own mind and bring it closer to reality. I just couldn’t let this one pass up – not this time – it was different this time. In short I was seriously getting out-gamed – I was falling for her fast. Karma’s price for tampering with the system? Professional girl pickup artist? Another life lesson stamped with overnight delivery? Who knows…

As she was leaving I told her I really enjoyed my time with her. And unlike my usual modus operandi I did something even I was surprised I did looking back. I asked for the contact info to close. To someone I’ve only talked to for less than an hour (though in many pickup circles the gold standard is a paltry 3 minutes). She hesitated for a second as if she was in deep thought and then she said she didn’t do that kind of stuff but she’d see me around. I wasn’t expecting too much since after all I was dealing with some cute stranger so I said it was alright and let it pass. She probably gets this crap from guys all time time. Unlike all the other times though I’ve never been rejected this ambigiously before. Somehow I felt that we did connect earlier and that factored in to her hesitation at wanting to keep contacts. Also we were in a public place so it was probably in bad taste to exchange contact infos on the job in front of everyone. I know rejection fairly well – usually it’s short and not all too sweet -just cruel and obvious. This time was different as well – there was something there I just couldn’t put my finger on. Maybe the mind just wishes it so. In this small moment I get a peek into the women’s world of rationalization of emotions. Oh well I thought that would be the end of it. I play my new fun standby Craps at another table – 5$ turns to 22$ and I bet it all going for broke and eventually lose. I only press my bets with winning money and I only bet what I’m willing to lose. I walk back to the hotel at 3AM and finally get some sleep.

Unfortunately for me I only sleep about 4 hours. It’s 8:30 AM the next day and I can’t get myself back to sleep. There is this rogue energy that is animating me from last night – I am not at peace. As absurd as it seems I really want to see this girl again. But we’re leaving Reno today. And I just can’t let it sit at that – not like this. If I’m going to go out I want to go out in a blaze of glory – want to go out my way. I can’t just walk away from this one – I’ve never felt this way about someone for a long time and with all the people I meet and talk to I rarely find anyone I can connect to. Or maybe I’ve just lost the ability to connect with people. I don’t know at this point. The only thing I do know though is that this is the ultimate gamble and there is no better place for it than this city! (well cept maybe for Vegas 😀 ) When I gamble I always bet only what I am willing to lose – and I am willing to lose. What I am not willing to do is pass up on a bet that has no real risk and could potentially return high odds. My mind runs through the usual pre-bet analysis. She is probably very high volume and she probably meets hundreds of new men per day. She could probably have her pick of anyone she wanted. I am not that special or unique – there are probably at least 10 other guys who are almost exactly like me who look better and are better off in other respects. I am probably just another blip on the radar screen of life – there for a second and gone forevermore. She is attractive so men probably hit on her all day and night long. Out of all these men I am practically assured someone has gotten where I was and more – I can’t be top dawg in this game. Not in my current state anyway I know I have my journey to go through. Despite the odds though I think she was worth it so I put down the all or nothing bet.

Now that I am commited my mind switches from analysis paralysis and QQing (whining) to deep critical thinking. The mind has a funny way of instantly switching gears when the soul behind it decides to take command of life instead of being bullied by it. I want to see this girl again but I am not going back to Reno for a long time. She probably doesn’t like me and she didn’t want to exchange contact info. Thus I need a way to show my interest without being creepy. I need to find a way to reopen the door so that I can see her again and find out more about her while keeping my distance so she doesn’t get scared off. I need to find a way to get myself a second chance. All of this while trying to play it cool. I finally come up with it.

I would go to the place and leave a public ad. A simple innocent ad to thank her for the great time I had while leaving my contact information on it. Genius. Thus if she’s interested she can bite and if she’s not her day will just get a bit brighter as someone was nice enough to write an appreciative note. The board is set and the pieces are moving. Everything has fallen into place – now I act.

(comment goes along something like this) Hi so and so I had a great time with you. Me and my lucky frog really enjoyed your company. Thanks for making my day. You’re really special.

It may be awkward getting a comment in a place that hasn’t had comments for the usual and I may totally freak her out.  It’s ok – I’ve never gambled an amount that I was not willing to lose – but when appropriate I’ve always stepped up to the plate. This is who I am.


It’s been quite a number of days now and nothing. Honestly I think she may have been caught off guard because I was different from all the other hollering horny guys running around the place – you know – the kind that usually doesn’t ask for your contact info at the end of the night :-). And that may be a true assessment – it really isn’t in my blood to do stuff like that (or is it?).  From looking back at my time there though I can sum up the experience in this simple phrase. She’s just not into me. And that’s the simple truth of the matter. When someone is attracted to you there’s a higher intelligence which comes into play and you just “know”. If you’re in doubt you’re out sums it up nicely.  From the way she acted I think she just was happy to find someone to chat with about stuff she cared about but otherwise she was never interested in me as potential relationship material. With someone like her me and my amphibious friend are a dime a dozen. Playing hard to get is painfully easy when you are just genuinely not interested in the person. When I interpolate it to the set of possible men she encounters each day at work too I’m sure I don’t rank as high as I’d like to believe in my own narrow view on the matter.

When you play the lottery you don’t expect to win. That is how it stands right now. In an either tragic or triumphant display of human nature though that doesn’t stop me from hoping.


In Neil Strauss’ book “The Game” each chapter heading describes a step in the series of the seduction process. In all respects compared to their outline I have failed miserably. I failed to attract. I failed to demonstrate higher value. I failed to make her chase me – the opposite happened. I failed to make the contact info close. All in all my story might go down as a “omfg what not to do” when trying to pickup women.

Despite the failure though the game was not the path I intended to go down in the first place. Some would ask why I would be attracted to such books and stories since they are kind of perpendicular to the person I am. Sure they tie in with being a better person and personal development but a lot of the game runs you into becoming an inauthentic person. You run into what Neil terms “the dark side” in his second book “Rules of The Game”. The first book outlines many stories of men who lose their humanity and only know one recipe they use over and over again to get what they want to the point in which they can’t communicate like normal human beings anymore. The second book outlines Neil’s own experiences in which despite his status as #1 pickup artist for a while he still doesn’t seem truly happy. Neil himself did meet and close a long term relationship with Lisa Leveridge but they split up after 3 years. From all I’ve seen playing the game is a trap in itself. You can never win it unless you transcend the game. And to first win over the game first you must know how to play it. You must first know the rules to see where they can bend and eventually snap.

Every long term relationship I’ve seen where people are fairly stable and happy happened without the men knowing anything about game. And maybe this is the way it should be. The game is a logical analysis of the detailed happenings behind male and female evolutionary psychology and I have to admit it is spot on in it’s analysis. It is not substitute though for connecting with genuine human beings. No substitute for having a pure conversation without having to memorize lines and worry about portraying a certain image. It’s about being who you are plain and simple – and who you are is what will make you happiest. If there is any value in the game for me then it is purely about breaking down people’s prejudgemental barriers and presenting a person to the world more congruent to what you want to project. People don’t always see from the outside what we see ourselves as from the inside. Thus my mission is fairly simple as it should – I am trying to present a more congruent person.

Overall I don’t really like her all too much because I know way too little about her. Mystery is as seductive as it is dangerous as the mind tends to fill in the blanks with the most outrageous and unreliastic expectations. She could be a total freak from a messed up family who takes drugs and strips for all I know. She could have a split personality or a dark side that comes out when the wrong buttons are pressed. She could definitely not be my type and the other 85% of what I don’t know about her could be my undoing (kids, anyone?) The story was mostly there because I’m trying to learn how to become a better storyteller and communicator. I want to make all the nerdy and geeky things I like sound badass! I want to learn how to market and deliver the excitement people crave in their everyday mundane lives. Do you know why that show “Big Brother” totally bombed? Because all those guys did in front of the webcams was play cards all day – It was too real!!! Reality is by nature boring because as a whole people are fearful and boring. Sensationalism is much more fun!!! Here’s hoping for more grand adventures to share.