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8 Days to Vegas – The Nature of the Beast
July 10, 2010, 7:00 am
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The epic trip has been moved forward a bit and made much more epic – that’s why the countdown has incremented. Anyway time for another thought…

Some of life’s most interesting reflections come at the times you least expect them. This morning the aquarium eel was being fed. This eel is a strange creature – I rarely see it come out of the rocks so I don’t know much about it. When we first got it all I remember about the eel was it had a cute head and it had the dimensions of a #2 school pencil. Every so often I’d see it slither around from 1 rock to another slowly – getting a peek of it’s sleek body between gaps in the rocks. Sometimes it’d be even bold enough to stick it’s head out from one of the rocks and just kind of float there with it’s mouth calmly opening and closing in some sort of zen satisfaction. Besides these small glimpses though these are all I ever saw of the beast. Thus the image of the eel I formed in my mind became ingrained – it was a pencil thing snake with a zen-like propensity for moving it’s mouth.

As time went by I’d often hear talk in the other room regarding, “Nooo you’re feeding the eel too much! Stop that!”. I’d go look for the eel and I’d see it there between the rocks as usual – the same as before – lurking and relaxing. I didn’t think much of it. Months went by with more of the same only this time the talk became more urgent, “The eel is getting too large – stop feeding it – it will eat all the other fish!” I went down to the aquarium again and saw the same old eel – relaxing in the rocks – not a care in the world. It still looked about the same when I glanced between the rocks so I didn’t think much of this overfeeding business. I just thought everyone was projecting their own thoughts or being unusually paranoid about overfeeding. Every morning the eel was fed though and every morning things looked just about the same.

I was told by numerous people that eel’s shouldn’t be fed more than once a week. Apparently news reached the aquarium and after a while it was decided that they would stop feeding the eel every day. We were going to space out it’s meals for every 3 to 4 days to start and see what would happen. I hadn’t seen the eel for awhile since this decision was made but I assumed it would be the same routine as always. So I didn’t care – not until today.

Today the eel hasn’t been fed for 4 days. A small sliver of food was being lowered down into the aquarium to feed the eel. What I saw next totally destroyed my once quaint and relaxed image of the eel forever. The eel had grown large from feeding – much larger – it looked like a miniature sea snake now about 150% longer and 300% thicker. What shocked me even moreso was the fact that it was no longer lurking in the rocks. It was now in full open view of the aquarium – it’s body in a majestic S curl shape. If that wasn’t enough for me already my once happy and pencil thin friend shocked me into the beast it had grown into. It started lunging at the food, aggressively, with bold quick strokes. The eel’s fatty external layers seemed to betray the well muscled internals lurking beneath. The eel was attacking the food relentlessly. The other fish were hiding in the rocks afraid to meet it’s wrath. The eel’s once happy đŸ™‚ face with it’s mouth opening and closing in total bliss was replaced with a look of utter determination and savagery. The food was being torn to shreds while the eel danced around the aquarium in a very rare display of aggression. I was fascinated and scared at the same time. What I once thought the eel to be personified; a nice guy with a happy demeanor; that was replaced now with the eel being a savage warrior of the depths – bold and reckless. Desperation had switched on the nature of the beast lurking in the eel.

Somehow in the back of my mind it seemed like desperation had turned the eel on to it’s true nature. I always thought it unnatural that a sea snake would just lazily roll around the rocks without a care in the world. I now saw the truth of it’s existence – I now saw the true nature of the beast.

After this incident I stared at the other fish in the aquarium and watched them swim around and compete for morsels of food dropping from the top of the tank. As they were feeding them I told the feeder, “don’t feed them too much now – they know how to survive in the wild – giving them this much food is unnatural for them.” I now joined the chorus of people wanting the feeding to stop. Why did I say this? Because I have seen the nature of the beast and now I cannot turn back. The fish seemed more alive – aggressive – determined – excited – focused – in the zone when daily feedings were abolished. The aquarium now seemed like a real entity with real life inside it – not some dead display of idle fish and sea creatures milling about.

Somehow in this instant as a passing thought I imagined I was a woman. For some reason this display of life turned me on. Attraction wasn’t created by seeing idle creatures roaming about happily – it was created by demonstrations of courage, daring, and aggression – the traits of primal man – the traits our biological attraction mechanisms are rooted in. Women do not want boring men who are satisfied with themselves in some sort of spiritual bliss – they want the men who dance and dare to push the envelope of life itself. They want men living their true nature and that true nature of the beast is not unleashed without challenges and drama. Conflict breeds courage – courage breeds attractiveness. Is this the cornerstone of life itself as a man?

As these thoughts ran around my head I thought back to The Game and the intricate dance of human attraction and mating. The Game was man’s soul consciousness answer to the questions it faced about the laws of nature. Why are women only attracted to alpha males to the point in which they’d rather have 1% of an alpha male over 110% of a beta male? Why do women constantly test their partners unconsciously? Why have women developed an almost psychic keenness regarding being able to instantly read a man’s fears and insecurities? Why are more than 90%  of man’s sperm designed solely for the purpose of killing other sperm and not impregnating? How can we ever have a just and fair society if the evolutionary building blocks of our makeup are mired in competition and violence? How can man cope with it’s nature as both god and beast combined?

I look back at the aquarium and see the fish swimming around lively in the water. They look much more attuned now that they have had a taste of failure. I like to think many of the ills in this world revolve around the failure to understand one basic concept – that life is inherently unfair. That’s right – life is NOT fair. And maybe it is better this way. I constantly think of a world in which everyone got whatever they wanted at a drop of a hat without having to work for it. Is this really a better world? Or would we all just be lying idle all over the ground in constant orgasmic bliss basking in our perfection? Would this be what we really want? It seems like a boring world for me if I was born into a world where I instantly got everything – all the money I needed, all the women I wanted, loved beyond all desire. And I really think this is a higher truth of our existence beyond that which we can comprehend with most human senses. But for us now – reading this – stuck on our floating rock hurling listlessly through space I wonder… I wonder if we are defined not by our success but by our failures. I wonder if we only gain peace and true  satisfaction with life when we are not given what we want but have to pull it down from the trees of the garden. I look back at all my failures with women and start to understand one thing that I never believed was true until now. It is not the having – but the getting.
Somewhere in a world away from ours I could see us having a perfect society that works. Unfortunately that is not the world for us though. The nature of our world is one of struggle and disparity. Despite hundreds of thousands of years of human achievements we have not found ways to make our world more fair without destroying our true nature in the process. The nature which makes people what they are at their best. That which women are most attracted to. Our most successful accomplishments were not born out of peace but out of strife. Maybe this is why we’ve all been put here. Out of the millions of majestic worlds that lay out in the infinite vastness of space that may be all more perfect than ours why have we been put on this one? Maybe it’s because we want to play the game. Yes – that’s the ticket. We want to play the game. Let’s play. 8 more days.


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