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6 Days to Vegas – When the Student is Ready the Master Appears
July 12, 2010, 7:00 am
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I am busily absorbing teachings from “The Book of Pook” (google it up) – one of the most revolutionary consciousness-raising personal development books I have ever read. The channeled style of this writing almost seems to be given from a far off intelligence that transcends ours. Here are a few quotes I’ve stumbled upon so far I’d put more stuff down but I’m busy reading the ~2-3 hundred page monstrosity.


Every woman to me is a portal of discovery. They are all emissaries of Nature, delivering you news on how life works. To many men, anything is easier, from nuclear physics to climbing the tips of mountains, than dealing with a woman he truly loves. Why? With her, he will be unable to hide from himself.

Self explanatory – women know all of our weak points long before we do. Not only that they will pick at them, press at them, and turn them inside out to see how many hooks we have available for them to control. The best men are fully conscious people with no weak points to prod at – the worst men can be wholly controlled just through their weak points alone.


Here we encounter the most popular fiction in our era, “Having a woman equals success with women.” It is not considered sufficient that we be successful in our own dreams and goals; we must have a woman no matter what. Nor is it sufficient that we pick the woman we want; no, we must always have a woman, even the most mediocre one, else people question our ‘manhood’. It is not enough for one to develop his faculties for physical, intellectual, creative life; he must, above all, have a woman. This fiction defines a Man as anything having a woman, thus keeping males forever mediocre.

Having a woman does not make you a man – and not having one doesn’t make you less of a man. Somehow in our society we’ve grown accustomed to needing to “complete” ourselves by always having a woman by our side. Women are the result of completion though and not the means to achieve it according to this great work. I wholeheartedly agree as this is a similar conclusion to what I have come up with after reading a lot of other related material.


Mind: “The finest philosophies will get us the women.”

Nature: “You bore me. Unleash me.”

Funny little quote I found very amusing. Reminds me of my earlier blog post “Secrets of Silicone Valley” where the main premise for the movie running around in my head at that time was man’s disconnect from nature itself. These lines and the dialog that follow it in, “The Book of Pook” illustrate the severity of how most men have lost their connection to their true natures.

If you couldn’t tell earlier I wholeheartedly recommend this read. Probably one of the greatest and most value filled books of all time. Even if you are satisfied with your life it is worth reading just to see if you’ve missed any spots. Google it up!


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