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3 Days to Vegas – The Last Bastion
July 15, 2010, 7:00 am
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About a week ago I got fed up once again with the business of women and The Game. I decided that when I got to Vegas I would “force the hand of fate” per se. In that I mean that I would no longer wait for life to throw another opportunity my way – I will start creating them. Not only that – I will start forcing opportunities where none existed. I would jump into The Game and stop caring about playing it well or even playing within the rules at all – I would just play.

The very next morning a wonderous event happened – I stumbled upon “The Book of Pook”. As if life received the energy of my intent and decided to send a helper along to guide me in my journey. Kind of like in the 2010 version of “Clash of the Titans” in which Perseus dedicates himself to facing his fate even though it is fated for death. In response to this dedication Zeus gives him a little token to help him on his way. The section right before the 15 lessons section that starts off the book comes with this line which describes the very intent of this work:

“Foresight teaches gently; error teaches brutally”

Thus I now had the book’s Wisdom to aid me in my playing of The Game. Most lessons in life cannot be read; they must be experienced. There are some lessons though which can be learned through another’s wisdom which will let you avoid grinding through the same series of mistakes that other explorers have made in the past. It’s like reading Wowwiki for tips on boss fights for WoW. Sure you can go ahead yourself and find out the hard way but foresight teaches much more gently than wiping your entire raid group multiple times.

The book has been an excellent mentor in the fundamentals of The Game. It outlines the true foundations for success – not just a bunch of shallow techniques which become outdated in a few months. Most importantly though it asks the questions no other work on the matter has ever asked – why? What is it all for? We get so caught up in the seductive details that we get lost to the entire purpose of the act. My reason was always simple and according to the book essentialy a sentence to death. I wanted to work on myself to improve better quality women in my life – women of a much higher caliber than normal. So I did it for the Women – and that according to the book is the path to sure destruction. Why? Because once you’ve won then you no longer have any real dreams. This is a topic I’ve hinted at in previous blog posts but I never grasped in my head until now. Getting the girl of your dreams is a shallow victory at best – and even after that the standard only goes up and up and up. You have a dream and once you get it you go for something loftier – never really being satisfied except for the few minutes in which your ego allows drops of happiness to course through your system before it makes new demands. This is why I was never a serious WoW player for example – once you achieve the top gear and such a new tier of it comes out. A never ending cycle of dissatisfaction with only a few moments of happiness intertwined within it. Honestly I was getting that much happiness out of my life long before I decided to question the nature and reality of life.

One of the highly recommended sections to read is the 15 rules (for starters) at the beginning and Amorphisms near the end of the book. Amorphisms really asks the big questions and I never had a book help me tap into areas of “primal fear” until now. If you’ve ever wanted a metric ton anvil of bro-truth dropped on your head all in one swipe stop reading this now and google up the book! This book will help de-program long standing limiting belief systems within yourself and help you see not only your errors but why they exist and what you can do about them. I cannot say enough about this book – it should be required reading for all men in college or something.

As time counts down to only a handful of days remaining I can’t help but think… Trying to have a high caliber woman in my life is truly my ‘Last Bastion’ before utter oblivion. Looking back at my past writings and experiences I see the common thread that unites it all. I never wanted to change – I always thought I was perfect – I always thought I was up to par until I’d meet that really great girl and she’d always say No. If my assessment of myself were truly accurate I should be getting everything I want out of life and not just bits and pieces. It was only now that I found out that only women had the power to change me. My desire for women would be the last bastion on that road which reminds me of who I was fated to be. Every rejection would help further refine and shape me to become closer to the truth of my own being. If I pass this bastion running forward without turning back to change my ways could it be that I will have given up my last dream at knowing who I am? Passing this bastion would mean I’ll have to create my own from the dirt itself as Pook suggests. Instead of a Bastion of women maybe a bastion of dreams fulfilled. The problem is though that I no longer have any dreams. I no longer have any passions. All this talk of wanting to start a business and wanting to change the world would all eventually get swept up by the tides of time and contentment with the world. One by one I’d let go of dream after dream content to settle into the shadow of it’s mediocrity. Women are the last big dream – if I give that up too what kind of man would I become truly? Inside of myself I always felt like I was meant for something greater than what I saw myself to be. If I ignore the last bastion and give up the dream though would I be able to decipher the mystery of my being?

I don’t know what the future holds but for now I see the last bastion and I want to turn back. Turn back all the limited belief systems and social programming that have suppressed my own true nature so I may know the truth about myself and have inner peace. To be congruent in with nature once again. To turn back now is to have to play The Game. At this point only through The Game can I rebuild my model of reality. The last bastion is an important once since even though it’s all about women the repercussions of choosing the right path will echo into the whole of my waking life.


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