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1 Day to Vegas – Foreshadows
August 19, 2010, 7:00 am
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When I originally wrote my “days to vegas…” posts I omitted the events on 1 day before since I thought they were personal and unimportant. Things did happen on day 1 though but I thought in the long run they would play no bearing to where I was trying to take my story. Time has shown my assumption to be false so here it is – one of the hidden chapters of my tale to be revealed unto thee…

I woke up on that day feeling pretty run-of-the-mill despite today would be the last day before leaving for Vegas next morning. I knew I had a busy day ahead of me packing and deciding what to bring over and what stays behind. I went downstairs – windows show the fog hasn’t melted off yet at this hour. I hear panicked voices downstairs though and fragments of a conversation. The next thing I know is someone asking me, “You need to drive me over to the hospital now. Your grandmother is in the ER.”  Not again I thought – and what a time for it. I asked what happened – it sounded like another accident with diabetic dialysis shunts and infection or something or other. Whatever it was it’d probably resolve on it’s own I thought – it’s not the first time stuff like this happened.

I run upstairs and quickly get some clothes out of the shelf and put them on. I put a Xylitol gum in my mouth and get the keys and head out the door. Eventually we’re at the hospital along with some other relatives who were waiting there to see what was going on. By this time she was being transferred upstairs and out of the ER due to being admitted. I just sit in the waiting room with my laptop thinking about how this will affect our trip. “Your grandmother is sick – she has a stomach infection it seems which came from the shunt”. I’m just kinda tuned out at the moment – this always seems to happen at some random time why now. Just as I’m finishing my thought the voice rambles on, “I hope some of us will stay here to watch over her while the rest of us are gone…”  The words enter in one ear and come out the other. Eventually what was said next snaps my consciousnesss back to the real world. “We were supposed to leave for Vegas tommorow – now what can we do?” I just reply back, “It’s an infection – there’s nothing we can do about it to make it go away faster – she’s in the hospital now they’ll take care of it.” I believed it so anyway – not much you can do about infection but wait for it to pass. Grandma was getting scanned now for more serious conditions but the doctors found none at all. Thus after hanging around in the hospital for a few hours we were getting bored – I decided to take the younger crowd to the mall nearby. I just thought this was going to be another one of those wrenches thrown into the machine. Just another drama which I’ve had enough of 2 years ago regarding people being in the hospital. I didn’ t know back then this one would be different. Much different.

We go to the mall and everything seems just about normal for a Saturday afternoon. The younger ones I was with decide to hit up all of the stores such as Macy’s, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21, and the whole usual selection of teen delights. I wander around Macy’s looking for some last minute stylish wear to take with me up to Vegas but find nothing. Now I’m just wandering the stores looking for random stuff. I see a relative pass by at one point – they say hi and we talk for a bit. Haven’t seen each other for 2 years or so – was surprised they recognized me I didn’t recognize them until the background started saying my name. Eventually the teens come back – they got some lipstick deal at the bath store scoring me a lemon lipbalm. “Yeah I asked which one was the best for guys and that’s what they came up with.” Some Bigelow brand lemon lipbalm on a stick. I find it ironic that they’d put something as acidic as lemon to soothe chapped lips but I figured it’s all just a dog and pony show anyway. I am tired walking around now and eventually they tire out too so we return to the hospital.

We’re back at the hospital and grandma’s still getting scanned. I start to think it’s kinda useless to just sit around here waiting and another relative has decided to stay for the ordeal so the rest of us decide to leave. We’re all going to Vegas tommorow anyway so we had to go home and do our packing and pre-trip agendas. I drive home and I kinda forgot what I did after but I think I went out and came back fairly late like 8 pm. I know in-between that time I washed my snakeskin shirt and blue shiny shirt by hand and hung them outside to dry before going out. Gdamn detergent is pretty abrasive I had to watch out for those horror stories for people handwashing too long and having their hands disintegrate. Now it was late and I was too exhausted to pack my luggage so I just kinda segregated things into piles of bring and not-bring Schindler’s list style. While I’m packing clothes into piles I’m on WoW chatting about how I’m leaving for Vegas tommorow.

Eventually I remember not finishing packing. Grandma is in the hospital so some last minute changes will probably occur regarding who is going and not. I somehow sleep snakelike between all the piles laid out on my bed from exhaustion. Sometime in the morning I remember just taking all the piles scattered on the bed and just dumping them in some large suitcase and zipping it all up quickly. So this is how it’s going to be then. I was hoping Grandmother would stabalize – recover – and all while everyone else continued with their Vegas plans as normal. Yep it was just another unfortunate accident and turn of events at a very inopportune time. What ends up happening is one of them comes back from a business trip and decides to stay by Grandma’s side until she gets better. This person was supposed to arrive with the other person who arrived on Tuesday but it never ended up happening. Another group was supposed to go as well but they decide to stay. Life goes on I guess. Little did I know that foreshadows were forming in the background and once again I was oblivious to it all.


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