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A year has passed – another cycle over
September 7, 2010, 7:00 am
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Things have changed – about a year has passed since I opened this blog – things are wrapping up.

It makes me wonder how little some things change and how much other things do. For example craving a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut – last time I had one was early Jan-Feb 2010. That’s only been 7 months – not that long of a time. On the other hand looking at my where my life was 14 months ago it has almost come just about full circle as of today. It’s amazing also how some small decisions and small actions can cause a cascading waterfall of changes a year from the event. Like the intention –> decision to partake in the real world again. Just thinking to myself if I never took the initiative to make a concrete decision where would I be today? Scary to think I’d be stuck in the same rut. Looking at the world from the outside in.

Some highlights of the year:

A few months ago I stumbled upon after looking up more obscure Steve Pavlina personal development stuff. Once I was there I stumbled upon his interview with Steve and Erin and eventually his dating book make her chase you. I was over all that .pdf pickup women stuff 6 years ago after I realized that being a better person with strong definition (mostly personality but physical helps) will naturally get you all the women. From that I stumbled onto his “How I became a pickup artist” article and from there I was entranced with his descriptions of life in the hollywood hills with women every day. From that I moved on to reading the entirety of both Neil Strauss’  Pick up artist book and the followup chronicles. I believe regardless of the content and outcome of many of the stories that both of Neil’s works are consciousness raising masterpieces! I’d put them on my required reading list for self improvement if you’re a male. They made me think about things a lot of men pass under the radar such as presentation, how you dress, what women read between the lines, being a better communicator and more fun/sociable person, etc…  Core qualities that go beyond the game and into improving your life as a whole. I started trying out the things I read on other people just to gauge if they really did work – they did. From here though I know I couldn’t keep up a charade forever so I tried to integrate the things that would mesh with me in my own life. I wanted to find the juncture between the game and waking reality. Myriad Success and failures with trying out the material eventually made me google up the “Book of Pook” which would be the end-all last word of everything regarding the topic of men attracting women. I never had the feeling about a book that seemed to resonate with pure truth since I read Ami Child of the Stars and The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ back in my head in the clouds phase. Pook describes how his exploration of the male nature closed the book on lay reports. If that is so then my assimilation of Pook’s book closed the book for me on women. Women are just that – women – not some magical pathway to ascension and exaltation/completeness as most men believe. I knew this before but a part of me still believed it so until now. Experience has also shown me what happens when we come full circle – the truth of success. On a bigger note another one of pook’s amorphisms describes education as man’s armory against nature – the weapons used against the battle to tame the wilds to make them habitable. If that is so then my exploration of new age material and self development are the top secret weapons and techniques of almost occultish power that can serve to bend the very nature of reality itself. Big problems require big solutions I guess. Only now we see the biggest problems are not of this world but that which arise from one’s nature and mental processes. The beliefs as Steve Pavlina writes about that constrain our reality to the stable form it’s in now. By shattering our beliefs we open the possibility of possibilities beyond our imagination. Thinking back downwards now though there have been some other advances this year…

Earlier this year I’ve opened and closed the book on lego engineering and moldmaking – very handy skills to have in case I ever decide to tackle the world of materials again. I also learned rudimentary miniature painting and connected with my long idle artistic side. I learned how to play Craps during the winter which has made it my new all time favorite casino game (as long as they let me set the dice we’re cool – I’ve gotten a LOT faster at it anyway). I’ve also looked into gambling optimal strategy and analysis for most of the games I play. These keep the free drinks going on longer while minimizing my losses to at most 100$ per entire trip or even winning 30+$ while having a great time. Also a great way (at least for me) to meet people as I’ll be in the game longer than most. I swear if everyone gambled like I did there woudln’t be anymore casinos anywhere. This is what you get casinos for being a false gamble! I’ve said it before – it’s not gambling if the house always wins eventually – it’s extortion. I will be the force of karma that bites at your heels to make sure a gamble is still true to it’s nature – the possibility of both victory and defeat.

I’d like to say I’m officially strong again – on the upswing. With this strength though comes confusion as I no longer know what really inspires me and makes me excited. Everything I try dead ends fairly quickly so I wonder if I’m just not looking hard enough or if I’ve developed my consciousness to the point in which this world can no longer satisfy me with it’s temporary pleasures and never ending dramas. I feel as if I’ve grown to know the world for what it is – a big fat lie. Our true happiness, satisfaction, and peace maybe do lie within where we yearn nothing cause we are already everything. I feel as if I can see thru the charade – see thru the movies, the concerts, the entertainment, the games, the TV, the distractions, the flashing lights, the blaring sounds, etc.. to see they only serve to distract us until we get tired of them. Nothing gets me up anymore – and if it does I don’t last very long. Maybe it’s that I don’t dream big enough anymore. I ask people what their big dreams are. Big dreams can get me excited only because of the boldness, challenge, and the possibilities of exploring a totally new frontier. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a knack for creating stuff and invention (a topic covered next paragraph).

Also with changes comes odd passing thoughts. Burning man just occured this weekend during labor day. I’ve had a sudden curiosity about burning man. I started reading Mark Atwood’s things to know about burning man (link). His description of the solar powered cell phone network got me thinking.  Solar powered cell phone open source cell phone network thingamajig. Thinking about Solar power applications in general. Sustainability – making a sustainable empire out of mud and rock. Man’s role in conquering the environment. Just like the concept of Vegas can we turn the primal elements of Sun and Dirt into paradise? I had solar ambitions during my lego machine phase earlier this year – these urges to research are starting to recur. Unfortunately it is almost winter but certain lights can still simulate solar power. If I act now we’ve been having some late summer scorch days lately. Maybe due to local climate I should look into wind power or fog power (h20 fuel cells).

In short I feel like once again I am becoming another person so things will be changing around here. Life has a certain ebb and flow and it works best when you ride with the tide instead of trying to create resistance and dam it up. Maybe all currents do lead home and it’s only our own limited beliefs and bigotries which take us off course from the flow of life.

Oh and what ever happened to that girl I wrote about in echoes of the game? There’s more to the story coming up in my next blog posts!


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