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A “Giant’s” Life
November 2, 2010, 7:00 am
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A Giants Life

An Outsider’s In-depth Look at Sports Specifically Giants Mania


Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 – The morning after the Giants world series victory over Texas

I woke up feeling really good today – unusually good. I was refreshed and invigorated; the clock barely hit 5:58 AM. I was up earlier than usual! Usually if I am up this early I feel drowsy, soulless, and sick to my stomach but not today. There could be only one explanation – the energy of the Giants victory over Texas for the entire world series has renewed me. The energetic signature in the air has breathed new life into all who are tuned into the signal. Just like Tesla’s crazy theories about tapping into energetic fields projected from tall towers thousands of miles away the energy field of  “love for the Giants” has empowered all who would accept and bask in the glory of Giants mania.

As I wake up this morning I recollect my first thought for the day. We have done it – we have vanquished the foe and won over their goodtimes!!! If wars past were fought over land, gold, and women today’s proxy sports wars are a battle for people’s life energy. The victories do come at a cost though since with the possibility of victory comes the possibility of defeat. A Giant’s loss in the 3rd game a few days back left me feeling empty and sick as if I had a dread filled and sick feeling in my stomach. I never knew any of this until I decided to explore the world of sports watchers. My life was fine and happy until I decided to step into the bubble of these fanatic folk. To enter a reality where up and down fluctuate day by day with each game. A polarized life where one never rests and never has peace. The peace of a sports fan lies in the grave as every day is a new war, a new battle, a new reason to scream and shout at an electrified box as someone stronger and better paid than you is just doing their thing. For an ironic minute every sports loving male would unconsciously know how a true feminine woman feels like when she invests in a mate. How his every victory or defeat becomes hers and how her ego melds into the man she has chosen. When your team wins – YOU win. When your team loses – YOU lose. There are no more lines of demarcation and seperation between you and a fellow sports fan rooting for the same side. There is only us and them – the enemy team and all who support them become YOUR enemy. Everything is taken personally now. An off comment about some player on your beloved team becomes a thinly veiled attempt at pissing you off. Welcome to their world where the fans are the soldiers and the athletes are the great folk heroes and celebrated warlords of this never ending battle for supremacy. Enter the battle and jump into the life of a sports fanatic. Jump into Giants mania!

“Giant” hiatus
November 1, 2010, 7:00 am
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I’m taking another break from blogging – busy playing Sid Meier’s original Colonization and cheering for the Giants in the 2010 World Series (about the only time I’ll care about baseball / sports in general). They’re 3-1 and they could take home the victory tonight – Go Giants!