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My own Casino Royale
February 10, 2011, 7:00 am
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During the past year I’ve done a lot of casino gaming. I still remember how almost a decade ago I started on penny slots and 100 hand poker for fun during long casino trips. I then moved on to interactive slots with bonuses and games on them along with occasionally playing a few hands of blackjack and usually losing. Gambling was never my real sole focus though as much as vacationing once and just enjoying the carefree lifestyle. My total bankroll for an entire gambling vacation of a week might be 100$ with that being 20$ a day. I didn’t believe in gambling and since the odds were always against you I thought it a stupid game to play when other alternatives existed to dump your money. That all changed though during my new agey period where I isolated myself and grew my hair out and started asking the big questions about life. I started playing this online multiplayer game which had gambling as an effective means to get ahead*** (read all about the details at the footnote of this blog look for the ***). Eventually I learned and memorized the wizardofodds “basic blackjack strategy”. After I had done everything in that game I looked back and realized “wow what a shitload of time I’ve wasted playing a game!” “It’d be a shame to not really get anything out of that given all the time and energy I’ve spent…” A few weeks later we went to Reno and I recalled my skill at playing blackjack with basic strategy. Hey if it worked in the game could it possibly work in real life? I decided to give it a try. At least I’d get something out of all the time I spent racing carsand building a real estate empire on the backdrop of a lawless world.

I went to some nondescript blackjack table for 5$ a hand and went to see if this was indeed the real deal. I played according to the basic strategy chart and something magical happened. As the wizard himself claimed it was as if I’ve suddenly become “luckier” compared to all the other players. The ugliest looking hands would settle to become 20 and 21’s. I would win on a dealer bust with 12’s 13’s and 14’s. I was suddenly an experienced and lucky blackjack player overnight just on the basis of a violent computer game. It was like I could tread water! I would be staying on the tables much much longer than most amateur gamblers with a paltry 7 unit bankroll i.e. 35$ for a 5$ a hand game. I look at most BJ players now and I see if they play alot regarding how they treat a 16 vs a dealer 7 or better strong card. Most amateurs would wuss out from hitting 16 vs strong but every experienced blackjack player knows you MUST take the risk!!! I hit the 16’s and I can almost swear more times than not I pull it off. 16  HIT   (other amateur players going wtf o.O)  ::dealt 5:: 21.  I’ll stay 😀

With the success I’ve had in Blackjack I decided to look up more ways of gaining the advantage. I met someone from another text game which had a blackjack casino about the ‘knockout’ system for card counting. I looked it up and on my next trip vowed to try the content within. Not too long afterwards I was sitting down at the tables again armed with rudimentary knowledge of the basic knockout card counting system. And what a knockout it was! I started putting down a bit more cash on hands where I had the advantage and I noticed I was winning more than usual. I got cocky though and started telling everyone I knew tablemates, dealers, etc that I was an experienced card counter. Of course I wanted to be a card counter like Steve Pavlina used to be because he is smart, humble enough to know he is not perfect and thus develops himself, and gets everything he wants out of life. I started doing stupid amateurish card counter things besides telling people I was a card counter in a vain attempt to impress them with my rainman like card counting skills (which were actually pretty bad even now). I’d raise red flags like hit on 17 and take insurance. I’d place obviously large bets compared to flat betting min at the table the rest of the time. I’d “wong” out of certain hands [the process of wonging] which was slang for sitting out certain hands when the count was not in your favor. Shift supervisors and pit personnel were slowly summoned and were starting to watch my play indirectly. My realization that I was being tracked though came in the form of a not so subtle thinking grunt I heard when I tripled my usual flat bet to take advantage of an abnormally high count hand. It was then I realized that card counting was literally the oldest trick in the casino book and I was quickly falling into the trap as a lone single deck BJ player. I cashed out and hightailed it to live and play another day. Sadly in a secret conscious wish I wanted to end up on the now defunct ‘Griffin Book’ of advantage players who are barred from casinos because they BEAT them. Yes – to WIN IN A WORLD WHERE EVERYTHING IS AGAINST YOU. The pinnacle of any and all victories. To be in my element – my own true nature – the one reflected on the back of a customized high school jersey a decade ago. Could this be my life’s purpose – the answer to the question I’ve asked myself constantly? To break down the barriers of my own rigid thoughts and expectations to know the truth about who we really are? To know what’s truly possible?

Before I get ahead of myself here I realized the dangers of being a card counter given the structure of law in Nevada so I started taking steps to fade into the background once again. I came back months later and played count at a full table with another family. I put down a really huge bet when the count was up and got the card counter’s dream come true hand – Ace and Ace. I split those and eventually won one BJ and lost the other. Ideally they would have become 2 blackjacks for massive casino pwnage but the count was high and it can go either way – dealer ended up with a 20. I hightailed it right after that game for a net profit of 150 something dollars from a sub 30$ bankroll with flat betting the entire time. I was a counter once again.

The following summer we went to Vegas and I was at it again with blackjack. I didn’t have the stomach to play 10$ a hand though despite my counting skills and I made a cheesy sexual comment at the lady sitting near me at the table so I just took off after I broke even. Didn’t help my total bankroll for the 10$ a hand session was 40$ as well! (I still had suspicions about gambling) Summer is meant to be spent in Vegas at the pools and fake river’s and such anyway in the hot sun with some cabana grill food afterwards and drinks in the evening. We went back to Vegas in the winter and I decided I wanted to finally man up and learn about a game that has interested me with all it’s hootering and hollering – Craps.

I walked downstairs to the advertised 11am Craps class at Monte Carlo. It was LOADED with people – I guess the draw of the game has been more infectious than I accounted for. Our instructor tried to explain the game but it had too much of a casino ‘edge’ on it looking back. I really didn’t learn anything about the game from the 1 hour talk as he described all the bets in excruciating detail. It was only from one of the dealers at an empty craps table in Hooters hotel and casino that I learned in succint terms the most basic of the bets – Pass Line. Roll a 7/11 win roll a 2/3/12 lose roll anything else and you need to roll it again before you roll 7 to win. So simple and concise!!! From there I would ask about the other bets every so often and from observing other player’s and their chips I quickly learned about the Field and Place Bets and Don’t Come. Also started warming up to the proposition bets which were fairly intuitive besides the horn which was just a fancy way of saying 2/3/11/12 in one swipe. I was now in the hootering and hollering family of gamblers. Woohoo! I also knew I needed to find a hook in this game – just like basic strategy/card counting in blackjack – if I were to stay afloat in a game of negative expectation. It is at the table and later internet research on various smartphones where I learned the most powerful of the gambling arts IMO as of yet – Dice Control.

In a day I learned the rudimentric basics of dice control and setting and by nightfall I was practicing. I was pretty bad initially and I’d get table boss heat from taking a near decade to find the sides of the dice I wanted. The next day though I bought a souveneir “used in a real casino!” pair of craps dice and practiced in my downtime waiting for the Vegas bus or for food to arrive etc… I then learned that the opposite faces of all real dice equal 7 cutting down my “search for the right face” time tremendously. From only seeing 3 faces of a die I could derive what the 3 faces opposite them were. From then on my set time to get the all 7’s set sped up exponentially. At this point the limiting factor may soon be how fast I can twist the pair of dice in my hands. I’ve had to make amends to ration my speed sometimes to not make it look like this is all I do all day at the hotel. Luckily unlike card counting there are so many BAD dice controllers out there that set the dice I can blend in perfectly. Despite the fact it looks like I have been setting dice all my life thousands of dice setters before me have set the dice and failed so I just look like “another crazed loon who believes in the concept of dice control!!”!#@#!”  All I can say is – believe what you want – and let my cubes and chips show you the rest. Dice controllers are not psychic and they can’t force certain rolls – their magic is in skewing a random distribution into a more ordered one and placing your bets to match that ordered distribution. A good craps bettor will also see trends come up or certain non-random order in some people’s rolls and bet along those tendencies to win similar to playing the stock market on it’s cycles.

Eventually I was quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. All this time of my blackjack and craps talk I also started looking into roulette and the magic of wheel analysis to find central tendencies in where the ball lands on the wheel. It is the same software casino’s use to track if a wheel is deviating towards a certain geographic region and close the table before people catch wind and take the casino for all it’s got. I have to say though staring at a spinning wheel intently is both obvious and taxing and I quickly put the matter to rest in favor of other games. If one could memorize the non ordered sequence of numbers on the wheel without having to stare at it so obviously though then I think they’d have a shot at beating the game. Anyway I knew all of the most popular games and how to stay afloat in them. Hopefully I’d make a little money in the process too while getting the perks like free drinks and ahhh yes, women.

After the vegas winter trip I started gaining an interest in the so called “pickup” game from Neil Strauss’ book on the topic which was referred to me by offlinks from Steve Pavlina development articles. I’ve heard about this stuff before back in college but I quickly ignored it when I found out it was just full of stupid cheesy techniques and shallow strategies to manipulate women’s own nature against themselves. It was only now after reading Neil’s book did I get a look at the thoughts and motivations behind the dog and pony show. What was trivial before now got me hooked – once again here was a story about how someone started getting what he wanted out of life and what he did to get there. Women were also one of the last frontiers for me in which I have never been able to figure them out. I started scarfing down the material in his book and related books and applying the concepts to real life. There was a no better place for all this experimentation though than – gasp – the casino! Casino’s are full of women and they have context – this isn’t a cold pickup – it’s a social event. I can play better casino game than most of the people out there too –  now it was time to see if I can up the ante and add “game” to it as well!

My gambling now had a higher more subtle context – resocialization with the human mass and meeting women. By this time I was treading for hours on a 100$ bankroll in blackjack or more recently whaled at a craps table for an entire day with a 300$ bankroll losing only 80$ or so by the end of the marathon. It was easy to build rapport with women when you could park at a table for an hour without worrying about your bankroll. It was fun to watch other potential suitors come in, chat, run out of cash, and run off back into the sunset while I remained. It was fun watching all the half assed attempts from more inexperienced guys which made me look better than I should have (though on many occasions I gave some back and made some pretty supplicating attempts myself!). I found the perfect fusion of my acquired skills and a context I can apply them in for exploration and self advancement. This wasn’t a shitty club or bar where I would be the odd man out with my lack of ego and higher strung thoughts compared to the primal ego-tized sex urge reactionary infantile environment of the club. I was the master of the casino – I knew the game – and I would be fighting the war from my strongest vantage point. I talked with people at the casino and tried all these silly little things in seduction forums before I quickly realized that something was missing. That there was a unifying source for all of these seemingly incongruent and oddball behaviors and attitudes. I ran across the book of pook and it listed out in detail what the missing pieces of the puzzle were and the core driver of human male sexuality – testosterone. It was then I started to question whether human personalities were a product of chemical reactions or if a soul with it’s own true specific nature really resided within each person. Once I learned the secret I knew where the problems lay and I no longer needed any of these stupid guides and flowcharts and etc – I only needed to be honest with myself and what I wanted and go back to my own true nature. Like a bad disease which was eradicated but still had pockets of resistance every so often my issues with women were mostly resolved by the time I made my realizations in the new age phase years ago but every so often I still had insurgencies of self doubt. These insurgencies and last minute pockets of resistance were summarily squelched with my discover of Anti-Dump’s machine 9 page article. I now could “congrue” in other words unify/match up with what I always knew within my heart – women are nothing special : – P . They are special in that everyone else is special and unique in some way but they are nothing special in that if I’m not with one that’s right for me I could care less. I now looked back at every woman I liked and realized they were not for me – they weren’t my type – they may have even been far from it. I’ve never met a woman I’ve felt was the one for me and so that closed the book on that. All or nothing is the way to go since you’re pretty much stuck with what you pick for the rest of this mortal life :-D. Once again I am free – freer than before – free to live my life as I want to see fit. My experiences at the casino were just echo confirmation of what I’ve read and dismissed as exagerrated. They also were the catalyst in destroying my false beliefs about women and myself so I appreciate them for that.

And now we come to the present. I’ve taken all my casino skills and ran with them and now I know the truth about the whole deal. I know the games inside out, the politics of the casino, and it’s patrons. I will admit I don’t know absolutely everything but I know enough to take the next step in casino evolution. I’ve played the game and now it was time to transcend it. It was time to start my own charity casino.

During the past week I made steps like working on graphics for promotional material like free-play Pogs and foregoing the years old collection of poker chips in lieu of some real casino looking chips. I’ve already been building up a collection of real casino used craps dice and game felts and fake paper money and soforth so this may have been a long time coming without me realizing it. I’ve looked into photoshop tutorials for making my own poker chip graphics I can stick on the cheaper chips to turn them into other useful things. I’ve thought about what would make my casino better than the rest –  it would be my desire for truth and fairness in the concept of the casino. Gambling is not gambling unless the house stands to lose something so it was time to shift the odds back to the player. Single deck blackjack with real 3 to 2 odds and full deck penetration – card counting allowed! Roulette where we re-spin if we hit a zero or double zero. A craps game with unlimited odds and more fair payoffs for some of the worst offenders like the hop 7. Things like that. You always here of a poor player losing everything he has and his shirt from a bad run at the tables. Why doesn’t that ever happen to the casinos? Because every game is set up for you to lose. They call it gambling but they are really robbing and deceiving you – only ones who open their eyes can see it for what it is. An extortion racket. It’s time to change all that and hearld in a new era. It’s time for a new Casino Royale.

It’s time to run a charity casino and see myself on the other side of it to truly know the duality of which I face. Where will we go after this? I don’t know.



Footnote from the first paragraph:

***During the late phases of that new agey experience I started playing a game that represented the darker side of life – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the multiplayer mod. A lot in the community created mod servers which were virtually 2nd lives in which you could do all the things you couldn’t do in real life i.e. steal cars, senseless murder, senseless stunts, doing whatever you want, being a criminal, being a drug dealer, hitman, rapist, carjacker, etc… The game was a bit too real for me sometimes. The first night I played it I felt like I couldnt’ drive on a normal road correctly in fear that some car would just jump the barrier and plow me in. Also when I saw stoplights I had some cognitive dissonance as we usually ignored those in game 😀 I’d also remember having real life anger fits over some asshole killing me after I won a race or someone senselessly killing me for no reason at all. Anyway one of the effective ways to make money in that twisted reality though was by gambling due to exploits in the game’s code. Basically if you ran up a gambling debt you could log off and log back on and the debt would be cleared!!! Thus to run my way up to power I remember doing a lot of simulated slots and simulated blackjack and roulette. Eventually to start getting the edge I needed to have a more optimal blackjack strategy than sheer intuition especially against every BJ player’s nightmare the 16 vs dealer 10 or Ace. I downloaded an odds card from wizardofodds and printed it out and left it on my desk so I knew the optimal play for each hand. With that I started winning a bit more than I was before and my meteoric rise to the top of the fake reality was complete. I had maxcapped my in game cash and owned the max number of properties. I had investments which made me money just for being AFK in game so I had a pretty good cashflow to just dick around and buy all the weapons/cars/races/call out hits  in any fashion I desired. I was also raking it in from street racing and would often host my own races for fabulous cash prizes. Anyway I accomplished all I wanted to do and experience in that game and eventually left. The blackjack skills I took with me though as I was quickly starting to memorize the optimal play table :-O


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