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The end of an era
September 27, 2011, 7:00 am
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A crap-py existence

The words swirl and echo together in my mind – the voices of those who’ve put their faith in my hands – almost hauntingly they play back in random order again and again:

Common shooter!


No pressure shooter, but let me see a 6!


Hey shooter I like your style… I’ll bet with you.

Parlay?!?!   PARLAY?!?…… I like this guy – he’s out to make some money – Parlay my bet too!

Haha – waterfall huh?

Ohhhh baby ::dice being set:: yeaaah that’s it ::2nd dice being set:: ohhh yeaaah baby feels good ooHhHhhHhh

If you make another number I’ll yodel!

Hmm…. Interesting….

Awwww I was about to bet big!

A -MONSTER- roll…

Over here shooter! Here!  We have a spot for you…


Good work shooter

I set for hard 8 and lob the dice and hit the triangles again on their downward descent. The dice feel weak and malleable. They don’t bounce much. They surprisingly twist a few times once hitting the ground and end up on: Hard 8!

::craps stickman taps the stick in front of me::  200 for shooter!   (starting from a 2$ hard 8 parlayed to 20$ and hit again)

The dealer looks at my chipstack – I already have a crapload of 5’s and 25’s from my earlier points made streak parlayed. He scoops up 4 green and a black and brings it over:

[ You have earned achievement: Earn a 100$ Chip in Craps ]

Getting that next achieve for the 500$ chip will be a tough cookie 🙂

I eventually leave that table with 470$ (peak 610$) starting from a 10$ pass line bet with 10$ odds. The first and last roll on that table. Thanks Bellagio <3. Probably hit 5+ points in a row along with the hardway.

I come upstairs again after gambling in reno – I won 110$ at the craps table

I come upstairs a subsequent night in reno – I won 90$ at the craps table. I feel unstoppable.

I set for 7’s and lob the dice onto the end of the table. The table has been showing A LOT of crap numbers lately (2,3,12). The dice may be biased or some statistical correction is going on but…


I go berserk in my little section of the craps table. My starting 1$ initial capital Any Craps parlay on the come out has netted me 280$ after hitting 3 crap numbers in a row on the come outs – my biggest singular one event peak win yet. Thanks Boomtown – maybe we can do this again eh?

I am tired from the drive over. I  seven out on 4 or 5 rolls on the very first roll. I am having a horrible streak. I realize later at night that my performance was probably due to not being able to concentrate despite the fact I was awake. There’s a difference between merely being awake and being awake and focused. I’m down 150$ so I write down all the ways I’ve missed the mark and try again the next morning….

Morning comes I feel rested and focused. I roll 43 in a row before sevening out for 4 points made. Follow it up with 6 in a row for 1 point. Then 26 in a row for 3 points. 22 in a row for 4 points. 7 in a row for 1 point. 6 in a row for 1 point. 16 in a row for 2 points. 4 in a row for 1 point. 13 in a row for 1 point. In my 9 times as shooter I never fail to make at least 1 point. Due to anti-martingale I eventually leave this marathon 4 hour session 100$ down. Would’ve been 90$ up if I flat betted but at 2 distinct times with the 4 pointers I was 1 roll away from making 250$+ starting with just 10$. I need these big wins to make up for my blackjack bad luck streak.

I think I’m done with gambling. Lost 500$+ over 2 trips in a one month period. Maybe it will swing back up but all my simulations say it is fraught with risk with the most likely outcome being more loss. I’ve had terrible luck with blackjack as well (despite my near flawless basic strategy) and despite my vastly improved craps rolling compared to when I’ve started I’ve yet to make a huge amount of money. Extreme simulation and studying of the game and it’s trends with computerized tools has shown that in the short run random is truly random and anything is possible.

Yeah I’ve pretty much stopped getting casino gear and poker chips and the like as well. I am satisfied with what I got now and have no plans to progress beyond this point in that direction. My casino is fully stocked and ready to rumble with no other material needed.

Update October 2nd, 2011: At this time 5:45pm last week I made my final steps away from the casino. I tried to take in every little detail about the lights and sounds and environment as I slowly made my way out. Once I pushed out the door I felt my heart sink a little and I took one final look back. I tried to freeze the image in my memory and silently let out an energetic goodbye. I know that I’ll probably be back in the future but things won’t ever be the same. It is truly the end of an era.

You believe the lies…

Almost every guy on the planet shows EXCESSIVE attention to a women. This goes on day after day, year after year. Women are bored with it. They’ve heard the compliments a million times. You believe a myth. You believe a women doesn’t get enough attention. You believe she’s starved for attention. This is not so. Every day some guy is asking her to “get together some time”. Every day some guy is asking for the number. Every day some guy is telling her how beautiful she is.  –Anti-Dump

I no longer feel the need to play ‘the game’ with women. Experience has shown you can’t fit a round peg in a square hole. I am sticking to fundamentals and finding the real deal instead of trying to compromise and seeing how much of what I don’t want I can accept.

It is truly the end of an era.

Now the bigger question is – was it about time?