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Note to myself: Sex isn’t everything!
August 15, 2012, 6:56 pm
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Sex – so romanticized sexualized sensationalized glorified and after all that pomp and show and all that building up you have it and then all of it is instantly taken away. It’s about the journey not the destination. So you have sex and what then? You’ll probably see the same girl over and over again every time you wake up ad nauseum for the next few days/months/weeks/years/etc… What was once eroticized and sensationalized is now boring. Even gourmet food gets boring if you eat the same thing every single day…

So what’s next then? Sex isn’t everything. Maybe it’s about joy and wonder. Happiness and peace. Maybe it is about the journey not the destination. To pick up and leave it all again to try somewhere new. To adventure once again and feel the joys and pains of life. I concentrate so much on getting there that I fail to realize once I get what I want I no longer feel the same way about it anymore.

Look at long range goals – look at what truly lasts – what truly matters…


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You’re still talking about it. Biology doesn’t seem to give a shit about your enjoyment in life. As long as you keep make them babies, its a win.

I love the spiritual path, but even then, I wonder if motivation is really to peacock to attract the attention of mating partners. Gurus sure get a lot of women, including Gandhi.


Comment by misol

Hey man welcome to my humble blogging abode,

Yeah I still talk about sex and related issues every now and then though I don’t gloss over it like I did a year or two ago. By being able to see it for what it is thru brutal self examination (and putting it out on the nets) did I finally realize that in the end it wasn’t that important in the grand scheme. Just another intense sensation to chase. You’re right about biology – it has no soul – it is a biological imperative to continue the human race for future generations (whether we ourselves want kids or not).

Spirituality is a funny thing. I started on the whole self improvement thing primarily to enhance the selection of possible tail I can snag (for a relationship even – NOT sex! [or so I thought]) but from there it kind of blew up into it’s own form of insanity ever since I found the applications lie far far beyond merely women. It was like putting investment points into yourself and having the resulting dividends be enormous as everything you do/think/are comes from the self.

Like many things I like to think I know a lot about spirit but in the end maybe I am just as lost as everyone else. I cannot be sure of absolute truth as I’ve found in life but I just look at what I’m getting back and look at what I’m doing and figure out whether I’m happy or not. So far I’ve been satisfied with my life despite getting urges every so often to push the envelope a bit. From an objective standpoint yeah it looks like stagnation. Maybe it’s spirituality – maybe it’s rationalization – maybe it’s a heightened sense of appreciation but my life cycles thru moments of ‘omgs I want more!’ and ‘oh wow things are GREAT as they are now!’.

Gandhi was a beast though I end up mentioning Buddha quite a few times as well iirc. Guru-ism would be fun and the ego would like the transient ‘hit’ of blind veneration but in the end I don’t think that’d make me happy. I’d rather people be themselves and see me for my own merit the way I like to see myself. Same goes for women – just need to find one that meshes with my unique brand of quirks (and vice versa). Until then even if she never shows I’ve been finding out the meaning of being an autonomous person.

Reminds me now I should update my blog to become a sort of profile as I’m now a transient nomadic blogger.

Comment by War In Heaven

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