The 3rd Dimension – So little to say and so much time!!!

At peace…
September 6, 2012, 8:46 pm
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Nothing more to say and do here. I’ve answered my own questions on my experiential journey. For one – I don’t think about women anymore because I’ve never fallen in love – just fallen in sex. I don’t believe most notions of romantic love exist – they are just the body’s innate mechanism to get the human race to propagate itself. When man is no longer beast – defined / driven solely by the bodily impulses – a new kind of consciousness emerges, a soul. It’s true – I don’t love anything – or more specifically – have never experienced what true love may be like hence I won’t say anymore about it. If one cannot be with another person solely because the sexual makeup isn’t to one’s liking or the sexually motivated propositions are rejected then one is not in love – one is in sex. All of that pickup, casinos, musings on the past – all a game on the board of life. I’ve said it before but maybe it deserves it’s own acknowledgement again – game over. I will still do these things but I will no longer be defined by them – they will just exist just as your clothes exist but don’t fundamentally define you. They are garments which change as your consciousness sees fit – ever changing and attuned with the flux of life.

All that other stuff I’ve done the various hobbies – they round me out as a person – they make me interesting – they serve as a tracer of what I’ve done but in the same vein that a man’s footsteps don’t define the man in the present these things I’ve done were things I’ve wanted to experience to only pass thru them forevermore. They are tools I draw from to create my reality – the paint an artist chooses from give color and life to the work. Behind the masterpiece itself though lies it’s spirit – it’s essence – that which unifies all of the other pieces together. What exactly do we mean when we say a work of art has soul? That music has soul? That someone may be soulless? It seems to hint at an underlying essence that underlies all things – the one physicists spend their lives looking for – that one unifying factor to explain everything.

I’ve dabbled into a lot of bizzare things – many too nameless and thoughtless to count – only to weave them layer after layer ever so tightly to create myself. I only found myself now as that piece which underlies all the others. I once had a question that many people have probably asked before, “how much of the body can you destroy before you are no longer human?” If one loses a leg or arm in an unfortunate tragedy most would agree they are still human. Some have lost even more and still we say they are human. What if one lost their heart and got a transplant – are they still the same person? What if one gets new blood to replace the old? There are reports of personality changes from transplants – are we the personality or are we that which underlies it? What if one is frozen for decades and returned to us – are they still the same? I can’t answer these questions but in any and all cases I only know whether I am in touch with my own inner soul self or just a mindless automaton beast of a man who merely reacts to stimuli like a caged beast.

Anyway it’s all over here and for now I’ve jumped into Tynan community forums. This place will merely exist like my last blog – to chronicle where I’ve been and what I’ve been through to help me fully understand the gift of self.


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